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10 secret styling tips to look good everyday

23 Mar , 2018  


Still not paying attention to the way you dress up?

According to a research, 80 percent of people feel or have an opinion that a person’s character is reflected in his or her way of dressing up. This clearly tells us that you need to make sure that you are up to the mark before you exit those doors for work or for play. Be it in your PJs or in a nice fancy dress/tux, it’s better to make it a habit to always impress yourself when you look in that big mirror and No, we are not talking about self-obsession here. It’s just not about clothes, it’s about an aura and about having an attitude to carry yourself. Everything matters from the way you walk, talk, to the way you dress. How many times have you been down that road where someone comes up to you and body shames you or comments ‘what the hell are you wearing, you look awful’ or  “Wow! you look nice”? It’s probably because some days you were killing it and some days it just didn’t work out. You might feel that sometimes you put in extra effort to look good but it turned out to be a bummer and sometimes you nailed it without even giving it an extra thought. Fashion seems to be an experiment most of the time because very often people don’t know what is the best fit/style for their body type. We are simply talking about looking impressive which, according to the same research above, changes the behaviour of people around you; be it friends, family or acquaintances.

If one could spend as much time looking good as he does on social media binging on his/her phone, he/she can actually bring about a change in their life by changing people’s perception of them. A user feedback shared by one of the clients says,”I am more interested in the style education you provide rather than other features because I can easily implement them in my daily work wear, party wear or whenever I go shopping”. What we learnt is that people want to make an effort to look good but are lacking the knowledge. So what we thought is to educate you with some basic style knowledge that would definitely bring about a change in the way people think about you. Now, what you will probably say next is “ I don’t care about what people think of me” but I’d like to remind you again, it’s not about them, it’s about how you see yourself and about improving your experiences in life. Having the right perception about yourself sometimes clears the path of confusion, and builds up confidence, making you go out there and own the night. It’s human nature, when you look good you tend to feel good. This can be primarily influenced by the way you dress according to numerous research reports, and other factors like self-esteem, self-confidence, people skills, personality, etc

Things to keep in mind before you head out

So guess what, we intend to share with you the most minute details that will help you in changing your life, along with that we will also be giving you major style tips that will level up your style game on specific occasions; mostly work or college.


  1. Make sure your clothes fit


It may sound obvious, but many get it wrong. If your clothes are too big or too small, they are not going to look good. Ensuring a proper fit applies to everything you are wearing,


  1. Pay attention to your bag

You don’t want your personal things jutting out of your purse or briefcase. Keep your bag clean on the inside, especially if it doesn’t have a zipper, which allows others to catch a glimpse inside from time to time.


  1. Don’t wear strong perfume or cologne

Anything that anyone else can smell from more than 5 feet away is not good. To get an idea of whether someone can smell you or not, ask someone you trust.


  1. Wear rich colours to portray authority

Pay attention to your colour choices. Darker colours usually convey a stronger impression than lighter ones. If you’re giving a presentation, make sure the colour you’re wearing doesn’t blend in with the background behind you.


  1. Don’t be too sexy(for women)

Not only is wearing inappropriate clothing distracting, it can also give off an inaccurate impression. Avoid too-short hemlines, too-tall heels, plunging necklines, and exposed undergarments. People end up discrediting themselves by looking too provocative. What do you want to be remembered for? What you wore or what you said?


  1. Adding shots of colour (for women)

Adding a pop of color into your business look is a great way to spice up the everyday office-wear. And if you’re a daring diva – try matching your shoe with a bold lip color.


  1. I dare you NOT to wear black. Think: Spring( for women)

Sure black is a great go-to colour. It’s slimming and everyone looks good in black right? However, it’s almost spring! Try mixing in some neutrals like cream or camel. You can’t go wrong with these soft hues. It’s a great way to brighten up the office this spring.


8.    Go for business casual(for men)

Try your old suit coat with a pair of jeans. Or, you may even try a trouser below a sweater. Choose neutral colors like navy and gray. These colors are versatile and when worn on good textures, give you an elegant look.


  1. No Shiny shimmery  (for men)

Do not wear anything that is thin or has a silky sheen. Such clothes look tacky and spoil the office look.


  1. More business less casual(for men)

Always remember, your office outfit will be more business than being casual. Choose shirts that can stand out even without a necktie. Go for stiffs, than limps.



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