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10 ways lazy girls can dress up for parties and look appealing.

12 Apr , 2017  


They say girls take hours to get ready. They mock us by saying that our makeup products range is so lengthy that it takes half an hour only to name them. Okay, we agree on this. We take lots of time to get ready but that all depends on our mood. I am one big time lazy girl who is obsessed with dressing up and clicking pictures but when the actual time comes to execute these steps, I just want to leave my house in my sweats and pants. But, however, we cannot go to parties like that. Not because we look bad in it but because we have so many party outfits resting idly in our closet. So, for all the lazy girls out there, just like me, we bring 10 things that will change the way we, the lazy girls can dress up for parties and look appealing.

1. Investing in statement pieces

For the super lazy lads, this is an ultimate party dress up hack. Whenever you are buying accessories, make sure you invest in statement pieces so that just that one piece can create wonders to your look.

Screenshot (41)



2. Believe in layerings

Even if you are in no mood to get ready and still you want to have a classy look, just add a layer to your basic dress. Adding a layer can make your outfit look ten times more glamorous than before.

Screenshot (42)



3. Say yes to bralettes

Bralettes are flooded in the market and every girl is so fond of it. Wear those lacey and caged bralettes underneath your transparent or sheer tops. In just two seconds, your glamourous and sexy outfit will be ready.

Screenshot (43)



4. Add the Bling to your outfit

Blings and glitters are too much in trend, these days. For the parties, take out your outfit which has glitters and blings. You can style it in the most minimalistic way and still you look party-ready.

Screenshot (44)



5. Prints are always a Yes

If you are in no mood to get ready and still want to head to the party, try matching two bold prints together. Two bold prints always create an illusion of sexy silhouettes and your outfit looks classy.

Screenshot (45)



6. No ironing but Stay Floral

If you are of those who doesn’t like ironing just like me, then you should always trust floral prints or nautical stripes. Even if they are not ironed, they don’t look like one. Pair them with lace or crochet fabric outfits for a dreamy look.

Screenshot (46)



7. Shirt in, Dress out

This sounds very interesting and also it looks extremely girly. Take out your sleeveless or the cami dress and pair a shirt or a turtleneck tee shirt underneath it. This layer up technique can jazz up your instantly.

Screenshot (47)



8. Use Color Pop techniques

Color Pops are totally in trend now and wearing two different and bright colors together will not even take much time and make you look trendy and party-ready in minutes.

Screenshot (48)



9. Accessorize your accessories

Does this sound anything weird? No, but it is not. Get some cute and quirky accessories for your accessories like a purse, wallets, etc. You can keep this accessory patched on your wallets and bags and just add a glam to your look with these add-ons.

Screenshot (49)



10. Scarves can be the Best Friends

Yes, scarves can be the best friends of every lazy girl who is getting ready for the parties. You can try various styles with the scarves and create a good layer over your simple outfits. These can be done quickly and can give you the best results.

Screenshot (50)

These were the best and the most effective things a lazy girl like me can try to get a faster yet classy look for the parties. It is okay to be lazy, girls, do not stress much if you are not so much like your friends. Just kill them with your killer looks and lazy outfit tricks like above. Being lazy is being smart, though.


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