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13 Jan , 2018  



Dressing up for winter maybe a boring affair, with many of us giving a priority to comfort over style. Yet there are ways to remain warm and protected in the winter with style and motivation. Beanies add a cool and casual touch to your overall look keeping you warm and hiding your messy hair. With different styles and trends coming in and out, it’s difficult to choose the right headgear.

Here are 15 styles of beanies listed down for you to choose from:

Cuffed Beanies

Knitted with an extra woolen material in the bottom, they allow for a fold in the material which gives it a cuffed appearance.

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It keeps your head warm and comfortable without looking too covered up sitting on the forehead slightly covering the ears. Can pair it up with Faux leather jackets or casual Denim Jeans.


Slouch Beanies

Also known as Tuque, these are oversized woolen beanies.They slouch easily cause of their baggy pattern and can cover your ears completely.

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It’s sexy and stylish and keeps your heads warm at the same time.


Hipster Beanie

It is the most casual yet most stylish beanie hat in fashion. It is the most versatile of all with the hat cuff just on top of your ears and forehead. It is more of a style statement than providing the warmth. Not much known and new in style is the fisherman beanie. It has a shallow crown and sits on top of the heads not covering your ears.

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Some confidence and good dress sense will definitely help you rock this look.


High Top Beanie

High top beanies are a major style staple. It can smoothly and effortlessly match all your winter outfits. Worn high up on the head with the excess material poking up at the back of the head giving a cool and stylish appearance.

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Winter Coats, Jackets, Jeans, converse, etc, You can pair it up with anything.


Pom Beanies

Who said pom beanies are just for girls? They are a style statement for guys as much as they are for girls.

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Worn high on the forehead covering the ears giving a steezy look. It is a good combination of Comfort and style.

Visor Beanie

Urban styled beanies both keeping the head warm and eye shaded. Keeping it casual and wintery, the Beanie provides warmth and the visor provides protection against the glare.

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Novelty beanies

Novelty beanie hats are funky and cartoonish.


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It might be a beanie with ears or beaning along with the mask. It definitely adds the fun element apart from the protection from cold. Perfect for a theme party or Halloween.

Cuffless Beanies

These are the most common types of beanies found in the stores and streets. It has defined length with no extra material to roll or fold into a cuff.


It is suitable for the average cold weather, because of no extra thickness due to folding. Comes in contrasting colors and beautiful patterns similar to cuffed ones.

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Whoopee Cap

Also referred to as the Jughead Cap, It was popular among the youths in mid- 20th century in the US and has come back in fashion now with the popular tv series “Riverdale”.

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It has a brim trimmed with scalloped cut and turned up. Simple yet stylish, Isn’t it?


ScullCap Beanie

It is head Hugging brimless cap. It is knitted wool and less stylish but good for keeping one warm.It is similar to a skullcap, but can be used in winters.

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Tight Fit Beanie

These are short, warm, classic, downhill style beanie with a slim fit. Helps you stay warmer, stylish and cozy.

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Cotton beanie

These are made from soft, plush, 100% cotton fabric. This beanie is perfect for all weathers and outings.

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It provides total head coverage to men. One size fits most and a perfect choice for any “man on the go”.


Bandana Beanie

One of the latest entry in the beanie section is the bandana beanie. To the Rock the Rag most of them also have an option of turning them inside out. Again, It can be worn in all kinds of season.

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Ear Warmer Beanie

These colorful Ear warmer beanie keeps you snug and stylish on cool, wintery days. Super soft, full of wintery bohemian patterns and features ear warmers either with side woollen extensions or woolen tassels.

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