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40 best items, every fashionista swore by in 2017

8 Jan , 2018  


The checklist of every fashionista in 2017

You might want to recall the top 40 sensational fashion items that reigned the closet of every fashionista in 2017 because they are too good to say goodbye. These trend-setting items struck in 2017 with a big bang and are still lingering in the New Year. Counting them all down as some of them are definitely a keeper.


Metallic midi skirt

Gone are the days when floral was equivalent to your femininity. Woman of the new age likes to dress up with an edge. A midi skirt with a pleated metallic fabric gives an on-point glamorous look while peeking into futuristic fashion.

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Comfy Sweaterdress

Your Fashion savvy wardrobe just couldn’t be complete without the comfy sweater dress. So easy to wear, so easy to style your slouchy yet sexy sweater dress is your’ go to’ look this winter. Fall-winter color palette and variety of lengths just made life simple.


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Jeans with an extended hem

Generation Y has developed its own statement style with this uber-cool masterpiece. Distressed Denim was quite overwhelming but this new detail of hem extension and frayed hemlines surpassed the monotony and rebooted our fashion world.

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Velvet Wrap Dress

The plush Velvet has finally risen in its full glory in fall 2017, blending together with the hottest trend of a wrap dress. This flattering dress in deep hues is perfect for the date night.


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The very essential turtleneck pullover

This fashion must have will never go out of style. 2017 introduced myriad patterns of a turtleneck with the oversized silhouettes and knitted patterns. Even if you buy a classic body fitted one, tuck it under a shirt or a blazer to achieve the always sought after sophisticated here to buy your winter.


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Mom Jeans

In spring 2017, Mommy jeans made a fierce comeback and all street style celebs were donning these pair of femme fatale to create the effortlessly impeccable look that everyone would envy.


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Bucket waist pants

High waists just took us a step higher with this bucket waist trend in summer 2017. We completely absolutely adore this wide bottom iteration with an accentuated waist. This evolution of high waists is here to stay.

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Loose Striped pants

Yes, we love comfort, but plain palazzo is so long gone. Summer 2017 brought along the time to stride in stripes.If printed bottoms are too way-out for your style, sticking to classic neutral shades worked quite well for our breezy insta look.

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Trumpet- sleeves tops

No. just one of these did not really fulfill our fashion appetite. At the dawn of Trumpet sleeves trend, we took it up with our arms wide open for all the playful days and night outs with girls. Spring –summer 2017 flooded all fast fashion stores with this vibrant trend in all possible styles, colors, and textures.


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Off shoulders

If you haven’t worn these since 2017, you have been living under a rock. Women of all over the world embraced this subtly sexy summer style and personalized it to create an Oomph look. It did not remain a twig of casual or party wear but also overpowered our semi-formal and traditional outfits.


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Denim Overalls

Summer 2017 kick-started with this too cool for school fashion trend of Denim overalls. Teaming it with a crop top or racer back bra inside was the new twist given to basic street style idea. Distressed, rolled up hems, flared bottoms or straight fit with cropped ankle length are all the recent versions to wear it the celeb style.


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Sleek slip dress

Zendaya, Selena Gomez, and Rihanna all the stars dug this chic look of slip dress and styled them in kicky ways. High slits on sides, deep plunging necklines, dainty lace insertions, velvet luxe look, and satin texture with metallic sheen were the hot-selling features of this sultry trend.


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Suede Block heel mules

Sprinkle some stardust as you take walk in the sunshine with these trendsetters of spring summer 2017, super stylish block heel Mules. Slide this fuss-free, versatile suede pair for the straightforward ultra-modern look in all the peppy colors available.

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Tassel earrings

Regardless of any season, we always like to stay hippie and can’t help hoarding the vibrant tassels. Fusing them into our favorite accessory like earrings just produced the biggest trend of summer 2017.Bollywood celebrities like Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone could not resist but sport the exaggerated and glamorous versions of this statement style.

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Sneakers in rose gold

A color that conquered our heart in earlier in 2016- Rose gold, continued to reach out to our soul and soles in 2017 as well. Though white sneakers have become so cliché, a stripe bands of rose gold can turn it into something a la mode. We are still obsessed with stunning yet solemn shade and hoping for some more of it to come back in trend.


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Chunky platform black boots

Whenever you are on a shopping spree, boots are always the most tempting items on the shelves. All the fashion mongers slay their fall winter street style look in 2017 with the classic black leather, ankle boots and heir chunky platform heels proved to be a complete knockout rage.


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Round frame glasses

You nailed that Geek chic look with this cute pair of round glasses. Redefined style with this timeless yet fresh eye-wear worked well for both men and women in classic black color however pastel shades blended in this frame brought us into a new era of laid back urbane look.

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Striped Ruffled Blouse

This fashion that made a major comeback in summer 2017 fascinated all of us to try it in contemporary style. The extravagant details of flounces and frills were no more considered as over the top. Striped Ruffle blouses almost became an urban casual uniform as every college diva dressed up in this sweet feminine trend.


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Fishnet stockings

You are no doubt the IT Girl if you pulled this off right, this punk style is made for the new bold women who are ready to take on the world. The brand new trend in 2017 was Ripped Denim and fishnet stockings put together to create that head turner grunge look.


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 Black Choker

The ultimate superstar of our accessory collection this year was undeniably the choker. This 90s style statement was absolutely the new most sought-after piece of jewelry. 2017 showcased inexhaustible variations of it with all kinds of materials from beads, lace to metal and diamonds opting for a diverse look every time it made an appearance.


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Reflector Sunglasses

This hottest trend was completely inseparable from the glamorous celeb look. A pair of eye-wear that changed our vision for fashion in 2017 as it complimented any style of clothing be it casual street wear or traditional ethnic wear. Stand out from the crowd even with the minimalist outfit using the smart trick of mirrored shades and rainbow in your eyes.

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Oversized Totes

Bags just had that larger than life vibe in 2017.Women and totes are best friends forever no matter what is in trend but surprisingly Totes made a hit on all international runways that too in a size bigger than ever before, what more could you ask for?

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The Pajama

Who knew such a simple bedtime outfit could create a stir in the fashion industry. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Naomi Campbell gave us a new fashion goal in 2017 with their effortlessly posh pajama style. We all loved to slip into one of this cozy, comfy trend and be the coolest kid on campus.


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Nose Pin

From old school to Oh- so-cool, Nose pins evolved into the hottest trend of 2017.While Sonam Kapoor Slew the nose ring trend on the red carpet and we all were hunting for those antique copper and silver ones on our street shopping trip. It looked utterly fab in all its floral, looped and studded forms, giving us that quirky aura.


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Knee High Socks

The idea may sound a little cheesy but this fashion accessory is totally hip and happening for fall-winter 2017.The practical patent black pair with the boots and skater dress is most desirable street style look. It’s not too late to catch the trend until the sweater weather lasts.


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Block Printed Midi dress

Global fashion influencers started a wave of Indian Block-Printed Dresses, along with a launch of “Make in India. “All the Indian beauties paraded in their ingenuous style revealing their love for Indian textiles and among all the other length options available Midi became the most popular blurring the age boundaries. Indigo and other natural pigments in cotton drew a perfect ensemble ideas for summer 2017.


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Posie k Mauve Matte Lip kit

All the fashion elites wanted to get their hands on this versatile lip shade by Kylie Jenner as soon as it launched. This incredible product adds a touch of glam without changing who you truly are. Posie K shade in dusty pink with mauve undertone suits dusky skin tones as well and lasts long hours for every day.

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Peach Make up palette by Too Faced

Spring 2017’s top-selling make up color palette was neutral peach. All the chicas went insane over this huge trend, buying their own share of sunshine to glow with the natural look. This palette is an ideal mixture of all the rich and warm colors from peachy pinks to corals creating flawless looks throughout the upcoming season.

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Lacy Outerwear Bra

As the unconventional trends to wear bedtime Pajamas and lacy slip dresses become new street style code, Lingerie too made its way out and joined the drama. This trend enjoyed limelight in 2017 because we adopted this subtly revealing style and slay it like a badass.Vintage lacy long line bralettes, sporty racer backs, bandeau tops in bold solid colors, some strappy play kicked out of a hidden closet and took our innerwear game to the next level.

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Classic Black Leather Moto Jacket

It is our staple outfit choice for every fall and so it is for 2017 too. Well that’s the beauty of it, the style never fades away. We did keep it simple and paired it over a basic outfit of crew neck tee shirt and vintage denims / Plaid skirts to create that flawless iconic image.

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Side Stripe Pants

This one is our truly fave. Comfort track pants is given a voguish twist by adding a little volume to it.Solid Block colors with contrasting white or red stripes on the sides in varying weights is the popular choice to get the right look of the current athleisure trend rocking street style in 2017.

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Yoga Leggings

Sports Luxe is the crucial element of street style 2017, we all longed for wearing those workout clothes all day, every day. Everyone strutted in that branded activewear leggings styling them up in a non-chalant way simply with sports bras, basketball track jackets, and sneakers.

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Kalamkari Blouse

I don’t think we could have survived all our 2017 saree scenarios without this charming Indian piece. Kalamkari which was originally a hand painting technique has now taken a printed form due to its overwhelming cost-effective demand. We all paired this charming blouse with our all-time favorites saree drapes in a personalized way with custom-made necklines and sleeves lengths.

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Khaki Pants

Spring 2017 saw a resurgence of this exclusively Indian muted tone Khaki in lot of outfit experiments. You may or may not want to splurge into this trend completely but investing in an everlasting pair of khaki bottoms is assured guilt free. Beige Khaki chinos are pretty flexible and are meant for the debonair women like you.

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Mesh overlay Embroidered Maxi Dress

2017 was a challenge to play the right card at the right time and not only to stack up the latest trends because there were so many of them. You have made the right choice to bring in that little element of embroidery missing in your wardrobe .Black mesh with contrast bright  little details of embroidered motifs on your maxi is a fine taste for an evening outfit.

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 Gingham Shirt dress

This classic look has been in for quite some time now and yet we can’t keep our hands off.The black and white being the evergreen option, summer 2017 preferred red –white and blue-white checkers to revive the magic of this must have.

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The lace-up Bodysuit

A bodysuit is the sizzling trend of 2017, this fashion masterpiece hugs our curves so well that we feel like we are on the fashion magazine cover page and the real hot stuff is the lace up style. The lace-up details added practical flexibility for different sizes and the gimmick of peek –a –boo gave this piece an oomph factor. It is very handy to just tuck under denim shorts, distressed jeans, skirts or wide legged pants and it will never fail.

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Asymmetric Earrings

Go all out and offbeat is the official slogan of 2017, we liked all things unconventional and asymmetrical. Everyone decided to cut themselves some slack from the matching business and explore this new trend. Earrings that did not replicate the geometrical symmetry, color, shape or size proportion for both ears and yet were worn together as one look actually stole the spotlight from all the other jewelry pieces.

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Gold Statement Hoops

We all know the value of right accessories and the wonders it can do to the simplest of outfits. In the last summer season of 2017, we truly saw a blast from the past in fashion and became all hoop gaga with this galvanic trend. Metallic gold hoops, not too big, not too small were complimenting all our outfits so well this year that could not get a grip over the number of times we repeated and still fell in love with them new every time we wore them.

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Sequined Dress

I know wearing all that bling may seem a little overwhelming but 2017 has brought styles that make you shine like a star this fall season. Our favorite Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra flaunted her favorite gold number in the sparkling sequin series at Golden Globe Awards and even you dressed up with your” too glam to give a damn “attitude. Well, keep it up, there is lot more sequined fashion coming up this spring summer.

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Now that you are aware of all the smashing numbers from 2017, the world is your runway. Explore, Experiment and add your personal touch every time you dress up.

Don’t let your zestful fashion spirit shed away in your busy schedule this year and if you feel confused about any of your look; anytime, you know where to find us. Just log into our exclusive fashion styling app Kakcho app

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