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14 Nov , 2017  



So what exactly is body shaming? Body shaming is defined as the practice of making critical, potentially humiliating comments about a person’s body size or weight. Body shaming is not only something that impacts “regular” human but also “famous” human whether they are men or women.

You are too fat, you are too skinny, you are too muscular are all words celebrities across the world continued to hear.

Social media is playing very important role in bringing awareness among people but it has played another role in bringing awareness to body shaming it has also in more ways than one opened the door for more body shaming to happen anonymously.


Lady Gaga has been body shamed for her apparent ‘belly’ during her Superbowl performance.

As Gaga rocked her way across the stage in a crop top and silver shorts, the 30-year-old apparent “belly” became a buzzing subject for some social media users.

Some were quick to criticize the singer, and not for her performance but for her appearance

“Watching Lady Gaga stomach hang over her pants,” one Twitter user mocked.

“I can see why Lady Gaga was breathing so heavy, her stomach was protesting her #Superbowl performance,” another claimed.

Gaga, who performed on stage, got the support from her fans. Gaga fans were quick to dismiss the haters and congratulating the star for showing a ‘real’ body on stage.

We need to stop this at this very moment, and we can do that by making people who shame others realise how this affects life of those who go through this and how dangerous it is for their minds and bodies both to be body shamed just because they don’t land into the definition of beauty and perfection set by the society.

For this, we ask people to be brave enough to accept their mistake by taking up a challenge and accepting their mistake in front of the world. Take up this #Mirchichallenge and accept that you have body shamed someone in your life and become get rid of the guilt and live freely.

We bring to you a fun challenge #MIRCHICHALLENGE which you must take up and be sorry to have done this with anybody ever, you just have to follow the steps:

  • Take a green chili and make a video of yourself eating the whole chili
  • Upload it on your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Use the hashtags #STOPIT and #MIRCHICHALLENGE
  • Tag 3 of your friends asking them to take this challenge and tag 3 of their friends

Spice up your lives a little by taking this challenge.

Join us in this movement and show your support clickhttps://crescendospeak.com/campaigns/78057/Stop-It.aspx



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