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5 Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Heat

9 Jan , 2019  


Pencil Curls

  • Take a wooden pencil.
  • Take an inch wide section of your hair and wrap it around the pencil. Secure them with a rubber band or a bobby pin. Do this for the rest of your hair.
  • Make sure that your hair is damp.
  • Let your hair dry before you take them out of the pencils.


  • Divide your damp hair in 2-3 sections depending on how tight you want the curls to be.
  • Tightly french braid those sections and leave them overnight.
  • Finger comb them and apply some hairspray or sea-salt spray to keep the curls in place.

Headband Curls

  • Take an elastic headband and wrap your damp hair around it as shown in the picture.
  • Let them dry like so overnight and wake up with beautiful curls the next morning.
  • Set them in place with a hairspray to keep the curls intact.

Finger Curls

  • Take an inch big section of your damp hair, wrap it around your finger.
  • Hold the curl in place and take it out of your finger.
  • Pin the curl to your scalp with a couple of bobby pins. 
  • Do this with the rest of your hair.
  • Let the curls down once your hair are dry.
  • Apply some hair serum and sea-salt spray and you’re good to go!

Bantu Knots

  • Section your damp hair in different sections.
  • The number of sections depend on how tight you want the curls to be.
  • Twist or braid each section and wrap it around itself like a bun and secure it at the top of your head with bobby pins.
  • Let your hair dry overnight or use a hair dryer.
  • Viola! Perfect curls the next day! Apply some argan oil and hairspray to hold the curls in place.

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