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6 ways to fix those bad hair days

9 May , 2017  


Say NO to bad hair days

When you realize that some days your hair is going to look like shit and you feel really less confident about your look, don’t worry girls it is just a bad hair day. So, to catch up with these kind of days we are for you girls with some tips. Your hair doesn’t have to be this way. They can be made better. Girls now the days of bad hair days are gone, now you don’t have to tuck in your hair inside those sweaters. We are here for you with some exciting tips to make your hair look fab on a bad hair day. So here are the 6 cures for your bad hair –

1) If you’ve got wonky texture

When some pieces of hair corkscrew while others bend or zigzag, cut your losses and just put it all up. There’s nothing better than a curly, messy topknot. Gather your hair into a high, loose bun—the more pieces that fall out the better—and tie it with an elastic. You can adjust the placement of curls however you like and secure them in place with bobby pins. Then pull out a few wisps around your hairline to soften the look. It’ll immediately seem like you put effort into your style and make you look beautiful on that bad hair day.

2) If your bangs are sticking up

Do a hairline braid around your forehead to create a focal point that looks cool in a quick, easy way. Lightly mist hair with texturizing spray before plaiting to help all the pieces grip each other and stay in place. Then pin the braid behind your ear with two bobby pins placed in an X shape.


3) If your curls are unrecognizable

Remember those shapely, controlled curls you had when you went to sleep? Now they’re part of one poufy mass of hair that no amount of fluffing or curl cream can tame. To calm the crazy and get back some definition, I would recommend wetting hands with water, gathering the hair into two tight braids on each side of your head, and then unwinding them after ten minutes. The moisture-braid combination reactivates the styling products already in your hair and coaxes it into shape.


4) If your sheets creased your face and your hair

A curling iron is the greatest tool to disguise any bends that may have formed in your hair overnight. Section off small pieces of hair and curl the midlength until all the waves blend together. Leaving the ends straight creates a beachy, undone finish, but if the ends look especially frayed, quickly clamp them in the iron as well—the heat from both sides helps smooth the cuticle.


5) If you’ve got pieces going in every direction

Bobby pins are a great hair equalizer. But nothing says “I’m trying to hide a rough hair day” like a tangle of pins scattered around your head like buckshot. Instead, arrange them in a pattern. Line up five to eight in a row so it looks intentional rather than just trying to hide something.


6) If you want curls with volume, not Frizz

A little frizz can be a great thing, since it creates a bigger, fuller shape. To take advantage of the fuzziness, flip your head upside down and fluff hair around the nape with either your hands or a hair pick. That will build body from underneath while keeping the surface of curls defined.


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