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7 Haircuts for Heart Shaped Face: Women

23 Jan , 2019  

Side Swept Bangs: They hide your forehead and add more definition to your cheekbones.
Long Bob: A textures bob highlights the cheeks adding more definition to them.
Wispy Bangs with Long Hair: These bangs do not overpower the heart shape of your face. They subtly conceal the forehead and bring attention to the lower half of your face.
Pixie: A pixie would bring out your eyes and cheekbones diverting the focus from the wide forehead.
Wispy-ends Bob: This highlights the cheeks and balances out the jawline and the forehead.
BouncyBob: Since the hair cut right between the cheek and the chin, they soften the jaw structure and draw attention away from the forehead.
Asymmetrical Bob: It draws more attention towards the bottom half of your face and your chilled jawline.

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