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7 Reason you should always match your Shoes with your Purse

5 Apr , 2017  



Tips on how to match shoes with your purse


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“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. We define women personality with her shoes. We think that if we have a nice outfit then we really don’t care about our shoes. But, you are wrong. People often notice your shoes. Besides buying gorgeous and costly dresses we must also focus on our shoes too. So, here are the 7 reasons why we must always match our shoes with our purse.

1. Planning to go out for a date?

Worried? What to wear? Most girls prefer pink color so if you don’t want to wearPlanning to go out for a date. Worried? What to wear? Most girls prefer pink color so if you don’t want to wear the dress then go for a pair of jeans with top. Pink handbag with pink shoes will be great with your casual outfit for a date.



2. At a traditional wedding

With a gorgeous outfit be it sari or lehanga doesn’t matter, you need not have to match your entire outfit with same color. Just match your pencil heels with your clutches that will be greater. Golden, silver or bronze color shoes will match your traditional outfit.

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3. “Shoes speak louder than words”.

Some prefer buying more shoes than clothes. The love for shoes makes us crazy.

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4. When a girl is sad shopping helps.

Girls prefer shopping more than any other things. We also can match boots with our handbags.

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5. Most of us wait for this special day – Fresher’s Day.

Especially girls because on this special day everyone really look gorgeous in their formal outfit. Matching your entire outfit from top to bottom is not trend anymore these days. Just match your clutch with high heels that are enough to impress your seniors with your dress.

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6. Bold looks.

For a night out party, we always prefer bold looks.Smokey eyes, red lipstick and obviously a gorgeous dress. Do not prefer bright colors like orange, yellow, green or any nude colors. Always go for red, black, blue outfit. Don’t mismatch your shoes and purse.

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7. “A woman with good shoes is never ugly”

College going girls always prefer casual look, funky style. This is an age of most happening and most memorable part of our life. College days are more of fun and enjoyment everyday girls prefer something new and some really don’t want to repeat. But, girls just match your shoes with your handbags and any contrast color with your outfit is enough.

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So, we can say matching shoes with purse is now on trend. Remember Ladies, never match everything from top to bottom, always have contrast colors. As for example if we prefer red color than the background must be something light as white. Never go for bright colors in the foreground as well as background same with our outfit and shoes with purse. Still confused!

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