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7 traits of a shopaholic. Are you one?

2 May , 2017  



How often do you buy new things? Don’t be in a hurry the question is important. You never certainly admit that you are addicted to shopping or are a shopaholic. You just go and buy things you like. It is one thing to surrender to the occasional impulse buy – that watch gleaming from behind the display case, or a pair of black shoes that will add the perfect dash of sophistication to your favorite business suit. But when your purchases shift from impulsive to compulsive, it’s the first sign that you might be grappling with a more serious condition – a shopaholic.
Are you or a loved one shopaholic? Here are the 7 characteristics making you a shopaholic –

1. You experience a rush of excitement when you buy

A Shopaholic experiences a “high” or an adrenaline rush, not from owning something, but from the act of purchasing something. Experts say dopamine, a brain chemical associated with pleasure, is often releases in waves a shoppers see a desirable item and consider buying it. This burst of excitement can become addictive.

2. Purchases are followed by feeling of remorse

This guilt doesn’t have to be limited to big purchases, either; a compulsive shopaholic is just as often attracted to deals and bargain hunting. Despite any remorse that follows, though, shopaholic are adept at rationalizing just about any purchase if challenged.


3. You feel anxious on the days you don’t shop

It’s one thing to feel anxious if you haven’t had your morning cup of tea, but if you are feeling on edge because you haven’t swiped your debit card all day, be concerned. A Shopaholic has reported feeling “out of sorts” if they haven’t had their shopping fix, and have even admitted to shopping online if they couldn’t physically pull away from their day’s responsibilities.



4. You get things you can’t afford paying for

In reality, if you clearly know your income you would never buy an over expensive shirt, because it costs more money than you usually spent every month. What a shopaholic does: no matter what you are going to eat and how and how you are going to reach your office – you just go and buy this over expensive skirt.

5. All the money leftovers are spent at once

Normally people save the money they have after paying the bills at the end of the month. What a shopaholic does: Spend, waste, throwing here and there and, again, SPEND!



6. You have many unopened or tagged items in your closet

We are not talking about gifts, but items you selected on your own that sit unopened or with their tags still attached. You likely even forgot about some of these possessions – boxes of shoes lining the bottom of your closet or jackets that have never seen the light of day.



7. Shopping is your only way to relax

Sports, books, dates, walks, dance, etc. – these are the ways of relaxation of women in their everyday life. A Shopaholic when feels distressed you just go and spend your last money on a thing they will never wear or use. No matter what for this is done, buying = calmness.


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