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1 Dec , 2018  


Determining your face shape.

Look in the mirror and draw your face shape on the mirror. Or click a straight profile selfie and analyse your face shape.


Oval Face

Because of having both square and round features you can rock pretty much all styles. Just make sure your beard is squared at the jaw, short on the sides and cut underneath.


Rectangle Face

Avoid pointy or triangular shaped beards. Opt for fuller beard on the cheeks to give an illusion of a wider jaw.


Triangular Face

Go for a beardstache, avoid anything too full on the cheeks and square it off at the bottom.


Round Face

Incorporate beard styles that are shorter on the cheeks and longer towards the chin.


Heart Face

Opt for a stubble on the sides, more length on the chin and moustache to add volume to your jawline.


Square Face

Lengthening the chin will help soften your wide jawbone. Keep the chin area rounded or triangular.


Diamond Face

Since you have wide cheekbones, balance it out with a heavy chin and square it off. Don’t go too long or pointy on the chin. Add bulk at the edge of the jawline.



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