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Are you a Shopaholic???

10 Apr , 2017  


Are you interested in reading this but a part of you is reluctant to find the TRUTH????

In today’s world shopping has turned into a dope that we can’t really evade. Considering the rat race even in the world of fashion, some of us have pushed ourselves overboard to keep up with this competition. With about 3 trillion dollars flowing in this industry; today, extravagance and prolificness have become a substantial part of our lives. From handcrafted,  customized and exorbitant mobile brands like Vertu to lethally expensive couture from brands like Valentino and Versace, everything goes out of the stock in a fraction of seconds. Considering this scenario, it appears that some of us have surpassed the fine line between shopping and shopping unrestrainedly.

Shopping does give us satisfaction but if not persuaded in moderation it becomes an obsession of possession. Today, I’ll discuss a few symptoms and pointers to identify whether you are affected with this ailment.

You can’t resist shopping at all?

Yes, this the major symptom that defines a shopaholic. You have a terrible and incurable urge to shop once a day after which you are quite satiated. This urge of yours has led you to heap load of debt to the credit card companies ?? Then my dear friend you are a shopaholic and you need work on this addiction of yours.sh3

Do you have many tagged items in your closet?

If there are a plethora of items stacked in your closet and you haven’t even untagged them, then it’s a cry for help. Usually, shopaholics buy things and generally don’t end up using them since these things are not out of necessity but out of an insatiable urge to buy something.

Woman carrying shopping bags

Do you get irksome when you are unable to shop?

Just like any other addiction, a shopaholic can get cranky and irked when self-abstaining or when checked upon for shopping. Shopping becomes a ritual that shopaholic must follow, failing to do so the person is triggered by anxiety and paranoia.

Are you euphoric while shopping?

All of us are euphoric when it comes to shopping but for a shopaholic, there is a sense of achievement. It’s like a shot of heroine that tranquilizes your body and mind, considering the comparison you need to understand how detrimental an addiction of shopping can be!sh4

Do you repent after shopping?

Being aware of the fact that you have limited financial resources, a shopaholic is driven by his compulsive whim to shop. And after shopping unnecessary commodities, there is a sense of remorse and self-loathing for buying them.Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 9.16.51 am

Are you reluctant to own up that you are a  Shopaholic?

Generally, with any addiction, the addict is reluctant to own up about the substance abuse. For example, for an obese person to own up that he’s obese is quite a task. In a similar manner, for a shopaholic to admit about the overt shopping addiction is quite tedious. People come up with vivid excuses to evade introspection and confession since they are terrorized by the society’s response towards them.

sh5So, beware of your shopping habits and make sure you buy things out of necessity, not randomness!!!

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