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Are You Brave Enough To Be A Part of Januhairy?

9 Jan , 2019  


We’re all aware of ‘Movember’ or ‘No Shave November’ where men grow their facial hair to raise awareness regarding Men’s Health Issues. Similarly, now the ladies have taken the ball in their court and come up with ‘Januhairy’. 

Laura Jackson, a drama student at the University of Exeter, UK started this movement. Laura grew her armpit hair for a drama performance and noticed that when the awkwardness subsided, she actually started liking her body hair. Women’s hair has been unacceptable in the society for what seems like centuries now. This movement has now been associated to raise money for a charity called ‘Body Gossip’. A lot of women joined in and posted pictures of their hairy arms and legs in support of the movement. 

This movement is just another step to liberation for women. According to Laura, she has just been trying to normalise women’s body hair and get rid of the stigmas attached to them.

Check out their instagram page to get involved in this initiative!


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