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Ashley Graham’s Styling Tips For Curvy Women

7 Jan , 2019  


Balance Out Your Hips

It isn’t uncommon for curvy women to have big hips. There are ways of making them fall in proportions with the rest of the body. Go for something with broad shoulders blazers, capes, anything. Match them with fuller pants or skirts rather than skinny jeans.

Cross-Body Clothes

Ashley said, “creating a waist is key”. She achieves so by wearing cross-body clothes that create curves through the mid-section giving her the perfect hourglass shape. You could also wear belts to tighten your dresses at the waist or just get them altered from the waist. 

Avoid Patchy-Fading Jeans

Jeans with faded colours at the thighs or calves draw attention towards the unwanted areas. Opt for even-toned or dark coloured jeans that won’t highlight those areas. 

High-Waisted Bottomwear

If you carry your weight in the lower abdomen area, go for high-waisted bottoms. You can pair them with a cute crop top with no worries because everything will be hidden under those high-waist pants! 

Do The ‘Squat Test’ Before You Decide On Your Jeans

Ashley Graham recommends doing a couple of squats in whatever jeans you pick up to see whether it will stay in place. When shopping for jeans curvy women look for the one which can get through their hips easily and that can sometimes be a couple of sizes bigger and hence, looser at the waist. 

Crop Tops Are The Way To Go

Who doesn’t like to spend their days with baggy Pjs or bottoms and just be comfy? Ashley suggests going for a shorter top with baggy bottoms to create a flattering figure. Go for high-waist bottoms to create the illusion of a waist and show off your curves with a crop top.


It’s almost like these were made for curvy women. Ashley swears by these for giving a sexy vibe because they help keep that hourglass figure in place. She says that these help keep extra curves tucked in without fearing for them to pop out.

Size Does Not Matter

Ashley suggests to stop worrying about your size. Different brands have different size charts and you can never fit in one size for every garment specially when you buy ready-made garments. Don’t be afraid to go up or down a size, just go for whatever gives you that perfect fit. 

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