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The Hots of 2017: Brands, Styles and Influencers

5 Dec , 2017  

The HIT brands and styles of 2017 2017 has been the year which has brought the ‘blast from the past’ to life. From bell sleeves to chokers and from loud floral patterns to striped pants; all the old styles are back with a bang. Alessandro Michele, the creative director of Gucci, gave the styles of […]

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All About Kakcho, Fashion & Lifestyle App, Fashion Tips, Fashion Trends, Outfit Inspiration, shopping, Style Diaries, Style tips, Wardrobe Essentials


24 Nov , 2017  

CORPORATE LOOKS FOR WOMEN The styling of the corporate world has undergone a major renovation through time. And the 20th-century corporate world has given fashion a new genre. Corporate dressing for women has become more intricate and one can choose from a million styles to design her own customised corporate closet. We’re here to update […]

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How To Deal With Body Shamming 101

21 Nov , 2017  

DEAL WITH BODY SHAMING There may be several instances in your life when you’re told that you’re too skinny, or too fat or too dark. People pass judgment without understanding the kind of negativity they are throwing at you. Body shaming is a topic that is very rarely spoken of and many people knowingly or […]

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15 Nov , 2017  

GAL GODAT- BODY SHAMING Body shaming in today’s lifestyle has become a trend. Body shaming is something that happens mostly to girls than boys mostly people comment on the girl’s body. if they have to bloat people comments on them like they had made some crime.   You would never figure that someone as beautiful […]

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14 Nov , 2017  

HUMA QURESHI- BODY SHAMING Every once in a while, instead of defining ourselves, we let others define us. We accept their harsh criticism of ourselves when they tell us that we’re too thin or too fat; that we’re not good enough. Body shaming is not something new. We face this problem every day in our […]

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