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Body Shaming: It’s about time to stop it!

22 Nov , 2017  



It’s about time to stop this body shaming. I mean, let’s just think about it- who is it doing any good to? To the ones being shamed or to the ones doing it? And the answer is none. All that body shaming is doing is augmenting our insecurities and making us feel less and less comfortable in our own bodies. Also, if it is done to the extreme, it can lead people to eating disorders and make them vulnerable to things such as depression. So here are ways we can stop it and model body positivity:

So here’s how we can stop it:

Let’s start with ourselves:

We cannot bring the world to stop body shaming unless we stop doing it to ourselves. Let’s accept it, we are all guilty of judging ourselves. We look at ourselves in the mirror and see anything but perfection in our bodies. And hence, we judge our body and the way we look. So, let’s start and first put an end to this habit of ridiculing ourselves. Remember that body shaming ourselves is only starting a chain of negative thoughts in our heads and that isn’t going to help at all. Let us pledge to try to be happy and comfortable with the way our bodies are. And also realize that each and every person’s body is perfect in its own unique way.

Let’s encourage others to do the same:

It is equally important to encourage other people by letting them know that they are perfect just the way they are. Don’t hesitate to point out to other women what you love about them. Helping other people realize this is something that each one of us can definitely do. Once we are able to show to our family or friends that we completely comfortable with what we are, subconsciously we are helping them do the same. Being able to do so will also help them realize the same about themselves and they may also stop making self-depreciating statements.

Stop it by not encouraging social media posts that encourage body shaming:

Body shaming posts/ comments/ trolls are something that is a common scene on the internet. Such trolls or comments are made every other day. We should make sure that we do not, in any way, encourage such posts and ask others to do so too. Let us try to put an end to body shaming by shaming such posts and comments.

Stop comparing:

All of us, at some point are guilty of comparing ourselves to other people. Instead of that, let’s try to embrace our differences and try to model body positivity. Let us put more stress on being healthy rather than on just being skinny and striving for that thigh gap.

Wear all kinds of clothing with pride:

Apart from having unsaid rules or standards for what a body should look like, our society has also set rules for what a certain body type should or should not wear. Instead of giving in to such rules, be the person who wears whatever she chooses to and don’t refrain yourself from wearing something just because it won’t look ‘flattering’. Wear things that break these rules. Flaunt that mini skirt or that short dress happily. Embrace all the fashion trends with pride. Also, encourage and compliment others who are trying to do the same.

If you ever get confronted with body shaming, try to deal with it with positivity. Speak up about it and stand up for yourself. Sometimes, it’s simply best to not attend people’s comments and just ignore them. Practice thanking our bodies for what they do for us. Make friends with people who support and encourage body positivity. Educating other people regarding the same is equally important too. Educate them on why body shaming is wrong why is it time to stop it.

Lastly, it is extremely crucial that we do not let the negativity get to us. Nobody has the right to tell anyone that they are too fat or too skinny.  Being truly comfortable and satisfied with our own body is how we can deal with body shaming and put an end to it.

Come on everyone, it’s time to stop it.

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