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13 Nov , 2017  



Kakcho is a fashion styling mobile application based out in New Delhi, India

It solves all your fashion woes. We connect our users with fashion stylists and they can chat real-time on the app. Our panel of stylist will help you decide everything before you head out from what to wear, when to wear and how to wear it. Our fashion stylists are available 24×7 to give fashion advice to our users based on factors like body shape, height, weight, age, complexion etc.

So we as fashion stylists faced some major concerns while chatting with our users regarding their body types, complexion, height, etc., When our stylist used to ask the customers about their body type or their waist size or bust size is, no one seemed to be comfortable sharing the information with us being conscious of their body. Some feel they are too skinny, some feel they are very fat, or obese or chubby, or being too short in height or too tall. The reason that we connected to the campaign on body shaming is that we want not just our customers but every individual to feel comfortable with what and how they are and accept it the way it is and not feel any less beautiful about themselves. So, as to make them feel beautiful and not bother what the society thinks about them we started this campaign on body shaming.


Body shaming, a term that has become all too popular recently because humans are obsessed with appearances. We create these standards that we must live up to and then ridicule those same standards when we realize that they are unattainable. We criticize the way others look but then shame them when they do the same to us. We have separated ourselves into categories based on the way we look. It’s fat against a fit battle which it is wrong.



There are so many negative comments about overweight people on the internet. While some of these comments come from mean-spirited people, others think fat shaming will motivate overweight folks to lose weight.

It’s sad but a fact: Body shaming is everywhere. Now, there’s evidence that it can do more than just damage self-confidence of an individual — it can also have some serious health consequences.

It is found that overweight women are at higher risk for heart disease and diabetes who fall for negative messages about their bodies than those who are lower weight or skinny and maintain a more positive body image.

Fat shaming involves criticizing and harassing overweight people about their weight or eating, to make them feel ashamed of themselves, their body, their looks, making them doubt about their own selves.

In most of the cases, the people who do body shaming are themselves skinny. They have never had to struggle with a weight problem themselves and don’t understand what it is like to be overweight and being criticized for that.

There are entire communities on the internet where people gather to make fun of overweight people. Often it turns into downright group harassment.



Fat shaming triggers overeating

Fat shaming does NOT motivate people, but makes them feel terrible about themselves and actually causes them to eat more and gain more weight instead of losing weight and becoming healthy

Comments like ‘I think you’ve packed on pounds’ or ‘You shouldn’t eat that chocolate’ can trigger feelings of sadness and guilt. And how do most people deal with these feelings? If you guessed eating, you’re right.

In a study of 93 women, overweight women were found to consume more calories than, that who are of normal weight.

In another study, this time in 73 overweight women, those who watched a stigmatizing video ate 3 times as many calories (302 vs 89) as compared to women who watched a non-stigmatizing video.



Fat shaming can cause depression

Weight bias has a lot of negative psychological effects. Reports show that discrimination can increase depression and even trigger dangerous suicidal thoughts and behaviors in the individual’s mind

Depression makes the number on the scale go up. Research shows that depressed people gain weight faster than those who aren’t depressed, depression makes people eat more and leads them to gain weight.

It increases risk of metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome doesn’t necessarily slow your metabolism, but it can cause high blood pressure, belly fat gain, and high blood sugar levels.

Research shows that people who experience weight bias have three times higher risk of metabolic syndrome compared to those who aren’t discriminated.



The World Health Organization explains:

“Depression, anxiety, somatic symptoms and high rates of comorbidity are significantly related to interconnected and co-occurrent risk factors such as gender-based roles, stressors and negative life experiences and events. Gender-specific risk factors for common mental disorders that disproportionately affect women include gender-based violence, socioeconomic disadvantage, low income and income inequality, low or subordinate social status and rank and unremitting responsibility for the care of others.”

So, if you’re wondering if being a woman is making you lose it, the answer might be yes — but not because you’re “over-emotional,” “irrational” or “mentally weaker” than men, but probably being disempowered, burdened with emotional labor, silenced, mansplained to, and economically disadvantaged.



Complexion of people

There are many many stories that we have heard about people being judged on the basis of their complexion. we all have at some point in our lives being shamed on our complexion definitely. Some have been through this in their childhood and faced difficulties making friends, some in today’s 21st century face this when it comes to marriages people choose their partners or their family in case of arranged marriages reject a girl because she is on dusky skin side, even in the film industry actors and actresses are being rejected for some role because they are not fair.

The fair & lovely advertisements say that their creams can make your skin fair, clearly discarding people with dusky or wheatish skin tones, which is completely not fair.


We need to stop this ill treating to humans right away.


So here we are with 2 fun ways to spread the word, who knows you might come out as a winner. Follow the link below to check out how you can support the cause.





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