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Bursting Myths About Eating Before A Workout

28 Jan , 2019  


#1 You Shouldn’t Eat Before A Workout When Trying To Lose Weight

The initial weight loss that occurs in the body is the loss of water weight. It happens by restricting calorie consumption but it doesn’t help in building muscle mass or losing body fat. 

#2 It’s Only Necessary To Eat Before Doing Cardio

Carbohydrate consumption is important before lifting and working out. Eating before workout provides the energy required to perform better and work out harder. 

#3 You Should Drink Protein Shake Before Working Out

While energy comes from Carbohydrates for working out, protein helps building muscles after a workout. Protein is not used as fuel for energy during a workout. 

#4 Eating Before Workout Will Make You Nauseous

If one is scared about getting sick from eating before a workout, they should start by eating fruits about three hours before a workout. Foods high in fibre, sugar-alcohols, insulin and chicory root are a no-no before the workout session. 

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