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Types Of Jeans According To Body Type: Men

12 Jan , 2019  

Straight Leg Jeans This looks flattering on most body types. If you are on the heavier side avoid the low-waist which would accentuate the bulge, rather opt for the mid-rise. Skinny Jeans Go for skinny jeans if your stature is on the leaner side. If you are very skinny, refrain from this fit because it […]

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19 Dec , 2017  

PROMINENT CHANGES IN FASHION INDUSTRY OVER THE DECADE The fashion industry has seen many changes in past years, but the major change which the industry has seen is in the past decade or we say in past 10 years, be it Bollywood or Hollywood. The industry has seen major changes with tons of creative director […]

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29 Nov , 2017  

SAY SORRY AND EAT MIRCHI Body shaming, a term that has become all too popular recently because humans are obsessed with appearances. We create these standards that we must live up to and then ridicule those same standards when we realize that they are unattainable. We criticize the way others look but then shame them […]

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25 Nov , 2017  

VSFS 2017: SHANGHAI; CHINA The best fashion show on earth VSFS has happened now in Shanghai! Yes , we are talking about ‘ The Victoria’s Secret’ fashion show. Every year, the label, best of it’s kind, hosts a fashion show in the hottest spots in the world. After Paris, this year they were in Shanghai. […]

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Best buys for your body type this season(body shape series)

31 Aug , 2017  

A complete guide to dressing up for your body type. What you’ve read in the fashion magazines, wearing what makes you look good is the most important thing. If it fits your body type it will definitely look good. Getting dressed is a whole lot easier when you know what pieces work best for your […]

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How to dress for Hourglass body shape.

16 May , 2017  

Shapes embrace your femininity and take advantage of your curves, make peace with your hourglass shape and strut your stuff. What is actually Hourglass Shape? The hips and bust are almost of equal size with a narrow waist. Body fat distribution tends to be around both the upper body and lower body. This body type enlarges the arms, chest, hips, and rear […]

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