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Kim Kardashian’s steamy photoshoot for GQ magazine

16 Jun , 2016  

What comes to your mind when I say Kim Kardashian (West) ? Fashion? Glamour? Or just a mere thought of the starlet makes you turn to the video she made back in the days (ahem). Well, whatever it is, KK just don’t care. Her global success can be credited to she being the female lead […]

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Celebrity fashion stories.

Style it like beckham

26 Aug , 2015  

Well who doesn’t want to look like David Beckham and steal his style? It might be football that bought our Leyton-born sportsman to limelight but this heart-throb has scored a large number of achievements since 1997.From a football player to a style icon Beckham has come a long way. The most impressive thing about Beckham […]

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