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“Fashion for the everyday girl” – NANDINI SWAMINATHAN

10 Feb , 2018  



The founder of Sartorial secrets- Nandini Swaminathan the very talented fashion influencer gives out the answers to a few questions to Kakcho in a chat session.

1.  What inspired you to your blog or to be an influencer/blogger?

I have always been interested in fashion and styling, and my friends often asked me for advice as well. I started my Instagram account in 2012 and would sometimes upload images of my outfits. I decided to actually start my own blog in 2015, and it’s been an amazing journey ever since!

2.  What is fashion and style for you?

Fashion for me is art, it’s self-expression. I have many different facets to my personality and I love expressing them through my personal style.

3.  How did you come up with the name of your blog?

I wanted a name that stood out from the rest, a name that clearly let people know they can look to my blog for style inspiration. The word ‘sartorial’ is related to clothing or style of dress. Sartorial Secrets is a place where people can get styling ideas and tips to look their best.

4.  Where and how do you see your blog as?

I have already been nominated for a few influencer awards, and hopefully, more will come my way. I plan to grow Sartorial Secrets as my own personal brand in the coming 5 years, and I’m excited to build my following even more than I have and also work on some exciting fashion and beauty projects with my photography partners, Arya Photography.

5.  What is it about fashion that you love the most?

I love the fact that there is so much you can do with fashion! Whether it’s colors, textures or silhouettes, it allows you to play around with it so much.

6.  Which is the fashion trend that you love the most?

There’s no one trend that I love the most, but for me, I absolutely love playing with colors.

7.  What trend according to you is the worst fashion trend in the history of fashion?

Platform sneakers. No thanks, but they just look so ridiculous. Also neon pleather.

8.  The most fun part of being a blogger?

I get to meet some of the most amazing people and conceptualize my own shoots right from styling to location. Also, the readers and followers who always keep encouraging me.

9.  Your favorite blogger from the industry worldwide?

Aimee Song from Song of Style and Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad

10.  How do you describe your blog as in 5 words?

Fashion for the everyday girl.

11.  What one word or phrase sums up your prediction for the future of the fashion industry?

I feel like there are a whole lot of indie brands springing up, bringing much more unique offerings than what fast fashion brands are coming up with. In India, I think it’s set to grow in general, especially when it comes to e-commerce. A lot of international brands may also start here as we’ve seen with H&M, Forever21 etc.

12.  What is the biggest problem, challenge or question that your field needs to tackle right now according to you?

Blogging needs to be taken more seriously both by people and by brands. It’s a profession and can even be a career. Brands need to understand that we need to be paid for our work. Another issue is the case of people who cannot write or style, thinking that they can also be fashion bloggers. We need authenticity and creativity.

13.  What currently popular trends do you think will still be around in the next 5 years and why?

Blazers, LBDs, and sequins aren’t going anywhere. They’re timeless.

14.  Which currently underappreciated idea in fashion do you think will gain traction?

Gender neutral clothing. I think the idea is in its nascent stage right now and will continue to build up as more fashion designers take notice of the concept. Gender is fluid and can take on beautiful expressions in clothing for both men and women.

15.  How has digital media impacted the fashion industry?

It has made fashion a lot more accessible to people and has also made brands more personal in their communication.

16.  A sneak peek into your wardrobe along with one wardrobe tip.

One wardrobe tip that I always follow is – invest in a few key pieces while you mix and match the rest. Statement pieces that will last you, paired with other clothes that can be replaced as and when seasons come and go.



17.  The places that you like to shop from and where to get the best deals.

I shop almost exclusively online. I search for one of a kind pieces both in fast fashion and in designer wear. If speaking generally, I love Jabong for its selection of international brands, SheIn for fast fashion, and Vajor for beautiful indie fashion.

18.  Comment on social discrimination on the basis of body (slut shaming, body shaming) happening, in the influencer world and share your personal experience (big or small) and how you took care of it if you have ever experienced something like this and are bold enough to talk about it.

I think body shaming is rampant in India’s fashion scene – unless every inch of you is ‘perfect’ according to socially ‘acceptable’ norms of being beautiful, you are subject to vile and cruel comments. I personally faced this when I worked with a photographer recently. After we finished the project he told me that I need to ‘work on my body’, despite my being 5’10 and slim. In any case, it was none of his business nor was it professional. Needless to say, we aren’t working together again. Another time when I posted a pic of myself in a swimsuit for the first time ever, on my Instagram, I got some stupid comments mainly from men. We as influencers do get a lot of unsolicited comments, and this needs to stop. As I always say – if you have a body, and you wear a bikini, you have a ‘bikini body’. There’s no such thing as ideal. Yes, it’s good to have fitness goals but no one has the right to shame anyone’s appearance because none of us are perfect.

19.  Top 3 Indian influencers you follow. (may or may not be related to fashion)

Naina & Akanksha Redhu, Aien Jamir, and Masoom Minawala

20.  Top projects you have worked on.

Some of my favorite projects include working with Kazo on their Autumn/Winter editorial, recently a travel collab with Mahindra Adventure to Bhutan and working with Daniel Wellington.

She recently won  The Orange Flower Award for Style Writing by @womensweb



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