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Cleaning Guide for Makeup Brushes

5 Jan , 2019  


If you are a makeup junkie, you’d have a stack full of makeup brushes. But how often do you clean your makeup brushes, tomorrow comes too late and the excuses never end. It’s necessary to wash your brushes on time to avoid the bacteria infestation which would lead to breakouts.

You should clean your foundation and concealer brushonce a weekbecause of the hefty usage and your eyeshadow brushesshould be cleaned twice a month.

Here’s how to clean your brushes:

  • Soak bristles with lukewarm water.
  • Use a gentle soap formula (it will not ruin your brushes like the regular soaps) and squeeze it on your hand. Swirl the bristles of the brush on your hand and gently massage it till it gets cleaned.
  • Rinse the bristles and squeeze them to get rid of access water.
  • Reshape the brush hair back to the original shape.
  • Dry your brush with the back of the wand slightly elevated. This would ensure that the shape of the brush stays intact and prevent the water from collecting into the ferrule (the place where the bristles are joined to the wand) which would weaken the glue leading to shedding from the brush. 

You can also use makeup brush cleansers to clean your brushes.

You should discard your brush when the brush hair start shedding and the brush loses its shape because with those bristles it won’t do its job right. 

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