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11 Jan , 2018  



We have all done our fair sharing of talking about which color would make women more attractive to men but now it’s time to think vice versa! So, men, it’s time to update your wardrobe with certain colors if you want to attract the woman of your dreams. Colours affect our mood and how we feel so it can be said that it is an integral part to draw attention towards you from the rest of the crowd. Apart from the behavior and the chivalry that no doubt tops the list that women looks for in her man, the first impression matters. And the first impression is usually how you appear. So, here is a list of some colors that will definitely help you impress the woman, you always wanted to.


Black has been the most popular color, both among men and women. Wearing black makes you appear attractive, intelligent and confident. A black shirt paired with simple jeans can make you look smart anytime without putting in too much effort.




It is assumed that red is a feminine color. It suits women, but a woman tends to equally get attracted towards a man is wearing the color red. The color is probably best worn for casual outings when you want to sweep someone off their feet. A bright red shirt makes an impression of being passionate, powerful and adventurous. It’s flirtatious and as well as romantic and compassionate. Whereas a deeper shade of red can give a more refined look.




The color blue symbolizes energy, so wearing a bright blue shirt makes a woman think of you as an energetic person with high spirit. Blue is a vibrant color that leaves a great impact on people. Since blue is associated with the ocean, it makes you look calm. Whereas on the other hand, deep blue is perceived as conservative, strong and authoritative.





The purple color was only used by the royalties in the past. Today they indicate a personality type having a great love for art, creativity, and imagination. Wearing the right shade of purple can make you look charming and sophisticated. Since purple is a complicated color to play with, always try to choose the right shade that suits best for your skin tone. It is experimental yet challenging and women like men who take challenges and experiment with their fashion and style.




How can someone underestimate white shirt paired with blue jeans? A simple yet such an amazing and elegant combination that can make anyone sweep off their feet. White is the color of purity, illumination clarity. It portrays the simplicity of the wearer.



Pink is not specifically a feminine color, the color is adored by women so as the men who wear this color. pink is the color that attracts the eyes of women and loves the men in pink. Choosing the right shade of pink can make you attract your crush towards you.


Your clothing colors are the first thing that people will notice about you and they tend to form a large part of the first impression they will gather about your personality type. So choose the colors wisely and your clothes right.

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