The styling of the corporate world has undergone a major renovation through time. And the 20th-century corporate world has given fashion a new genre. Corporate dressing for women has become more intricate and one can choose from a million styles to design her own customised corporate closet. We’re here to update you on the new office lookbook of 2018 that will earn you the title of a style diva at your workplace. When it’s fashion, it’s always better to be with the trend.


The Palazzo Bonanza

Making a major comeback in 2013, Palazzo pants are back in style. You can put together a corporate outfit with these pants by pairing the pants with a plain shirt to make a perfect and comfortable office outfit. You can also style the look with a blazer and a handbag. Heavy neck accessories also compliment this look. Bring the late nineties back to life and into your closet for a comfortable office look!



The One Dress Woman

Corporate dresses are timeless. Everyone has that dress that makes a perfect outfit for the office. Not to mention, a fashionable one too! And these dresses, as were in style years ago, still remain to be. A knee length dress, paired with closed toe-shoes and a blazer will throughout time, remain a classic.


The Pencil Skirt Soiree

A knee length pencil skirt has been on the scene, making the corporate world look better than ever. Pairing this skirt with a shirt or even a non-collared sweater makes a killer look which is in this season. You can complete the look by adding pointed, closed-toe heels and a side bag for a corporate yet casual look.



The Pant Suit Power

Pantsuits had been out from the corporate scene for a while but, now the style is being embraced by many. This look exhumes power and authority which makes it perfect for the corporate world. This outfit will look complete when paired with bellies or closed-toe heels and a briefcase to add a little old-school charm.


The Slim Trouser-Blazer Combo

A fashionable version of the pantsuit, the trouser blazer combo gives a more trendy vibe. You can pair slim-fit trouser with a matching blazer and couple it up with a plain shirt. You then can accessorize this with formal heels and a mid-sized handbag.



The Jumpsuit Turn

Jumpsuits, formerly only worn as casual wear, are now a trend in the corporate world. Many women embrace the style and comfort of this outfit and make it look classy and elegant in an office environment. You can opt for a plain jumpsuit and pair it up with pumps and bangles to carry off a stylish yet office look.


The Casual Corporate Mash-up

This 20th-century style is the hippest and the most fashionable one ever. The Casual Corporate Mash-up is a mix of business and style. You can achieve this look by pairing up skin-tight trousers with a plain shirt and a blazer of a different color. For shoes, you can pair up heeled boots and throw in a chunky neck accessory to add a trendy aspect to the look.

So, time to jazz up your closets with the top corporate looks for this season. Turn your office into a place of style and vogue. After all, it can be fun sometimes to mix business with a little pleasure.

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