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Styling Crocs!

15 Sep , 2017  


This season’s new IT shoe : Crocs

Crocs are finding their way in the list of 2017 fashion trends, despite their garish colors and bulbous shape. They disappeared from popular discourse around 2008, came back in a London runway last year, when Christopher Kane paired delicate, romantic dresses with the rubber clogs at his Spring ‘17 show.

When the New Year rolled around, magazines took them up as the next big thing in the Ugly Shoe Trend. On the other hand Crocs being suddenly in vogue is a good thing for women who want to be simultaneously healthy and unembarrassed. Wearing shoes with high heels or pointy toes leads to foot problems that range from sprained ankles to bunions. Many of the aspects of a typical “Crocs”—rounded toes, flat soles and natural materials—are also qualities that make shoes more comfortable.

They definitely look goofy, but they seem really comfy and it’s hard to hate on that specially when they are now being made in all different kind of shapes and styles.

Scroll down to find how?

Black embellished !

Ankle strap heels!




Classic flat!

There was a time when Crocs were reserved for lounging on the deck, cleaning the garage, or making a quick run to the drugstore. But according to the recent survey and the current state of fashion, it’s clear that that time has passed. Today, Crocs are appearing everywhere from the runway to feet of well-heeled fashion girls.

#1-Crocs for weekend breakfasts.

Crocs for breakfasts?

Take a leap by wearing these crocs wedges to a weekend breakfast. Pair it up with a bright color clutch to make your breakfast outfit not so boring. A classic Trench Vest over the top will complete the look.


#2-Running errands?

Crocs make a very standard outfit for when paired with a leather jacket, a crop top, and trousers–a little bit unexpected. Plus, you can run around all day and not worry about killing your feet.


#3-Off to Gym?

If you need a shoe that’s just as comfortable and easy to slip on these would be great to wear home from Pilates, barre, or SoulCycle—any class where you don’t want to wear sneakers.

Are you ready to wear this trend outside? Lets us know in the comments below.

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