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Designers bring fashion from mountains to streets: ski trend

4 Dec , 2017  


Ski trend this winter

“From the mountains to the streets, slayers gotta slay! Say hello to the streets the Mountaineer way!  ”


Don’t we often wish to wear our winter wear more often? The super comfy sweatshirts, the oversized sweaters, and the puffers? Ever wondered wearing that tangerine puffer elsewhere? Like on a basic brunch with your squad or just when out for a movie date? Well then, the designers just brought the mountains into the streets! Fashion has never been limited to basics. You vibe the way you dress. With the diversification of trends this season, express yourself your way. The leading designers brought in the puffers from the ice-cold mountains to the regular street styles. Yes, it is in!


How to wear it :

One basic way to pull off the ski outfit is following the basics. Try the basics like H2T black, denim on denim or basic color contrasting, anyway the ski outfits are here to steal the show. As much as the extra long sleeves are in this season, ski trend is too. Be it a brunch with friends, a date or to work, your ski wear is something you can pull from anywhere. Pair your slacks or tights with a pair of heels with the puffer and walk off the street like that’s your own runway! And hoot when hot brands like Victoria’s Secret- Pink have already brought this trend in!


How cool the ski jacket hood is. A little drama does no harm! And also, what’s life without a little drama? Dump the basic hood and let the drama begin girl!


The cherry on your cake is the golden puffer jacket. Sport it when go clubbing late night and the jazz is all yours. This winter, puffer jackets are must-buys for every fashionista on the campus. And well, why not? The campus trendsetters always know what’s in always!


Where to get it:

Brands like The North Face,  which is famed to seduce the sports and fitness freaks across the globe, has pop colors like cardinal red, arrowwood yellow,  suede colors like urban navy and their very own TNF black.  Wear it with an all basic casual blue boyfriend jeans and a white tee and you are all set to slay the winter afternoon brunching! Or pull off the jacket like Constance Jablonski; casual yet rocking!

Designers across the globe are getting them to the streets. Different colors, different textures, different fabric lengths, they all come up with their own unique styles! The jackets this winter are not just freezing on the slopes but on streets as well. The hype is now on a next level when brands like Fusalp make us dribble watching Constance Jablonski dance around in those striking pop colors. Punctuate the use of the basic hoodies, sweaters, and jackets because switching to the long hem puffer is the trend alert. Team it up with leggings, denim shorts, and a tee and you are all ready to set the trend on the campus.While the latest ski trend is amongst the top 10 winter wear trends this season, it’s hitting the street style hard.


They nailed it:

If you still be dubious of the ski puffer jacket hitting the street, anticipate Rihanna! All hail the queen who pulls off everything like a goddess has put the jackets on the best street outfits!


Well, celebrity street style sneak peaks are always a win-win! We can definitely steal some style off and make it our own. See how catchy does Kendall make that apple red puffer jacket look!


This winter wardrobe upgrade, a puffer jacket is a must-buy, people! Who doesn’t want to be in trend? And, with puffer jackets are trending this season, get your wardrobe trendy too!

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