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Don’t underestimate the power of Thrift Shopping!

24 May , 2015  


There is no denying the fact that we have all spent numerous hours at Forever21, looking for that perfect outfit for an upcoming occasion or for absolutely no reason at all. After every shopping spree

at that store we spend hours discussing with our friends what we laid our hands on this time. Forever21 indeed has a great collection and most of the times they always have something different from what was being show-cased the last time you visited the store. Whenever there is a mall visit and there is Forever21 in that mall, a visit to that store is a must whether we want to buy something or not.

But the question is, is it really worth spending a decent amount of money on some clothes that you might not wear more than twice.

Thrift shopping is another thing every girl is familiar with, whether they like to dress up or not. Thrift shopping acts like a savior, at times. Yes, deep down inside we are all scared to be found out that we go thrift shopping in one of those local markets, where almost everyone goes. That fear arises because the things that are to be found there are mostly common and no one wants to wear the exact same thing that everyone else is wearing. So instead, we take the easier way out and go to Forever21.

A plush looking Forever21 store.

A plush looking Forever21 store.

Forever21, has a permanent sale section under which you can find good discounted things if you are sincere enough to look really hard into that section as things are all stacked together. The chances of finding a great buy are almost one in a million. The accessories, well they have their own charm and in no place are you going to get those sunglasses under 500, apart from here of course. It is all convenient. Yes clothes for all occasions and all sorts of girls can be found there, but then there is a serious lapse of quality at times. Not every time will you find something worth buying. Honestly, not everything is worth buying.


Do you remember your last trip to either Sarojini Nagar or the Sarojini Nagar of your city?

A busy Sarojni Nagar market.

A busy Sarojni Nagar market.

You remember how much money you spent and how many things you bought? Well I am sure you never stopped bragging about the great bargains that you made to yourself. A woman never tells what her good bargains have been. No matter how hard you try, but the bitter truth is that all those new trends hit those markets way before they hit the store. Of course, most of the things that you find there are common, but the trick is to look hard and to look well. Actually, the real trick is to keep your eyes open and to concentrate on each and every shop that you cross.


We have all in our lives picked up something branded or unbranded from one of those shops which have lasted years and they just don’t seem to wear off and have also been appreciated every time. Well, a little appreciation never killed anyone. Whereas, that shirt you bought from the store a few months back is almost as good as dead, just after a few washes.

Thrift shopping, is indeed one of the most underrated things. It is something we tend to look down upon. But yet that is where you find your own true sense of style. Because there are no mannequins telling you to be thin or you are being sad because some size three girl could fit into a dress and you couldn’t. Here it is all about what you find and most of the times if you really do pay attention you end up finding really exclusive things that you see in those big fashion magazines. Such things which aren’t to be found at Forever21. We have all spent hours in those shops looking for something we love. Whenever we go thrift shopping our eyes instantly land on something that we have been looking for, for a really long time.

Forever21 is indeed a great shop. But nothing in the world can beat coming back home with those plastic bags and crashing on the bed because you are so dead tired and being surrounded by those beautiful buys and then still having money in your wallet for a little pampering that you have been putting off for a while. Thrift shopping is sort of pampering yourself, because you just got yourself too many clothes to wear on different occasions or regularly.
It is never about what brand one wears, but about one’s style. One can go completely wrong even while wearing a dress from Forever21. On the other hand, one can look absolutely gorgeous by just sporting a cool and yet simple shirt that they picked up from one of those thrift shops. Brand is not what makes your fashion or style statement correct, it is how you wear it that’s what makes it stand out.

-Gunjan Kaur


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