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Embrace Your Natural Beauty with Canva’s New Stock Photography Collection

6 Feb , 2019  


It can be hard to embrace your natural beauty when you’ve been a victim of societal standards. The media tells us how we’re too fat or too skinny, how we are supposed to be all natural but asks you to buy makeup, how scars are beautiful but here’s how to hide them and how it’s okay to be imperfect but how you should try to be perfect. Everyone’s definition of beautiful is different and it’s okay. The most important thing is to find yourself beautiful. As Salma Hayek said“People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realising you are the beholder.”

“I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that.”
-Lauren Bacall

We all have our own journeys, some are harder than ours. The most important thing to remember is to love and appreciate your natural self.

Young woman with self-inducing scars and acne

It doesn’t matter if you used to cut, what’s important is that you stopped.

It doesn’t matter if you have scars on your body. You are more than your scars.

Woman flaunting the freckles on her body

Freckles? They are gorgeous! Haven’t you seen the faux freckles trend going viral. There was a time when people were bullied for having freckles but hey, better late than never! 

Strong woman fighting breast cancer plays with cat at home

Cancer can be heartbreaking and the loss of hair cause you to have less self-esteem. Hair or not, beauty is not defined by how you look.

People with disorders are in no way inferior to others. Down syndrome can alter your appearance but not your passion and determination.

Love someone of your same sex? Scared of what the society will say? The people who love you will support you with whoever you love.

Scared of growing your armpit hair because the society thinks hair on women is disgusting? Take part in Januhairy to meet women similar to you who are trying to change the norms!

Natural lifestyle portrait of empowered alternative woman wearing no make up covered in tattoos

“Tattoos are intimidating. People with tattoos are scary.” A lot of people forget that tattoos are basically drawings. Drawings are pieces of art that people use to express themselves, how can that be scary or intimidating?

Diversity is Necessary and Diversity is Beautiful! There is not a single type of body or skin tone in the world, then why should there by ideals? It’s crucial to cherish what you have and be proud of yourself because there’s no other one like you!

Kakcho whole heartedly supports Canva in this noble cause and would like to thank Canva for asking us to be a part of it! These pictures have not been edited like they are for magazines to make celebrities look perfect. Canva is celebrating natural women and we ask you to do the same!

All photo credits: Canva
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