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Fashion Dilemmas

29 Apr , 2015  



people are always confused what to wear and how to team up clothes. No, worries something cool is coming.

A normal day in everybody’s life.

How often does it happen to you that your father is screaming at you for not being ready at time for a family outing or you are having fights with your husband because you took 5 more minutes to get ready

or maybe you are just out of school and need to attend your freshers and you end up getting Fashion Dilemmas as to what will be more appropriate. How will the crowd be like? How will the ambiance be like. What if I dress over the top. What if I am too casually dressed. We know fashion is confusing and fashion is time consuming, so to bring an end to all your Fashion Dilemmas ,we are here to help, at KAKCHO we help you select the best according to your style, the venue,the time and several other things. Your  instant mobile fashion adviceis coming your way, when and how? Stay Tuned..:)


Co-founder at Kakcho
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