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13 Oct , 2015  



‘Hoogly Bridge’ and ‘Roshogulla’ are the things which comes first in one’s mind when you thinks of Bengal. The land which served as the capital of India during the British-Raj is an absolutely amazing place. The weather conditions are similar to that of Southern India that’s why I have a special place for that state.

And of course, who can forget Rabindranath Tagore, the man who made the country proud by being the First Indian Nobel Laureate. He made Bengal famous all over the world. Well, now we have only a part of Bengal with us, the West Bengal.

So let’s talk about the traditional dresses worn by men and women of Bengal.

Just like women in Kerala, Bengali women started wearing blouses only after Britishers started ruling the country. In those olden days, wearing a blouse was considered trendy and the grand old ladies simply wrinkled their noses at their daughters and daughter-in-law when they wore blouses because it was simply against the culture.

So simple and still so graceful. That’s our own Ash in choker Bali


Aishwarya rai in a traditional bengali dress.

Aishwarya rai in a traditional Bengali dress.

Red-bordered white sari, you can find only and only in Bengal.

Rani mukherjee in a tradiional saree at durga puja

Rani mukherjee in a traditional saree at Durga puja

I was taken in by this sari that I forced my mom to borrow a sari from our Bengali maid and also to learn the draping style for my ‘Dola re’ dance in school. I just love this one!!!

The Bengali bride and groom looks breathtaking on their wedding day. Have a look!!


It is just amazing to see how Bengal has maintained its culture and have added a touch of modernization in it, the make-up, jewelry and of course the sari. It looks stunning.

Now, when women are so beautiful, men can’t afford to be behind.

Traditional Bengali attire for men.

Traditional Bengali attire for men.

The way they tie their lungi is also different from the most. So this was all about fashion in Bengal. Stay tuned and keep following Fashion walk India.

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