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1 May , 2017  


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India is a very bright and colourful country. It is known for its culture and tradition. It has 29 states, and each state has its own flavour and fashion. Today we are going to talk about the Fashion in Haryana


They say Haryana’s only culture is agriculture, indeed agriculture is what makes Haryana famous but apart from agriculture it is also famous for its classic fashion, its food and many different things. So today we are going to talk about Haryana’s fashion from what people used to wear to what people wear nowadays. Obviously, the time has its own impact on everything and the dressing sense has improved with time, but it is still a mixture of the old era and new era.


In many villages, people still wear traditional clothes. Men and women wear all kinds of traditional clothes and accessories.


Men wear “dhoti-kurta” and a “pagdi” which are usually white in colour. They wear long kurtas which usually have a collar and full sleeves. Kurta is worn with Dhoti. They also wear Pagdi as a symbol of pride.

How can men lag behind!! This is the men's traditional fashion in Haryana!!

The traditional men wear!!!


Women wear “Damann-kameez” and a “chunri”. Damann is a long, pleated skirt sim

ilar to a ghaghra. The pleats are also known as “kalliyan”. The kameez is usually the same as a kurta with a collar and full sleeves. Chunri is worn with Kurta. Punjabi women prefer adorning themselves with lots of jewellery.

Traditional fashion in Haryana!!

The traditional women wear!!!

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Haryana’s villagers (men) feel comfortable in their dhoti and kurta and prefer to wear their traditional costume instead of western clothes. Haryanavi women prefer wearing ghagra which is around 2-3 kgs and contains 32 pleats. People of Haryana are very fond of their traditional clothes which is why Haryanavi Fashion is still pretty prevalent there.


There is a vast difference between the city and village. In the city, people try to follow the western culture and wear traditional clothes only on special occasions. But in many areas most people try to create a balance between the traditional and the western clothes. People have been experimenting with the indo-western fusion by pairing Kurtas with Pants and Ghagras with tops. Many fashion designers are now focusing on creating a fusion of traditional and western wear to adapt to people’s needs.

Fusion of the traditional fashion in Haryana with the western style!!

The meeting point of western and traditional fashion.

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  1. Kartik says:

    The difference between the city and village is as huge as heaven and hell. I totally agree with This!
    Its all about culture there!

  2. Noor Malik says:

    I’m a Pakistani girl in love with a haryanvi boy. I will be meeting his parents for the first time would they be alright for me wearing a shalwar kameez?

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