A himachali woman dressed in her marriage attire.

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Fashion in Himachal Pradesh

6 Aug , 2015  


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Himachal Pradesh, one of the untouched, pristine, and one of the most popular states in India has a diverse clothing style. One’s clothes always reflect one’s traditions, culture, the environment in which one is living and many other factors. Only because of this reason, there are many differences in the clothes worn by different tribal groups. So let’s have a look at some of the well-known tribal groups and their traditional costumes.

Gaddis, Kinnaurs, Gujjars, Gadoun and Tanolis are the major tribal groups. Other groups are Brahmins, Rajputs, Kolis, Gurkhas, Kannets also present there.

Dhoti, kurta, coat, waistcoat, turban and hand towel forms the traditional wardrobe of Brahmins Rajputs men carry valor with them and their clothes reflect that fighter in them. They wear churidar pajamas, starched turban, and a fitting long coat.

Gaddis is the most important tribe in Himachal Pradesh. They are basically the shepherd so their work conditions influence their dressing style. They wear special coats and topi which keep them and their ears warm in the freezing temperatures. The women dress in a similar way but theirs is a bit more colorful after all we women love colors and hate drab!!!

A traditional himachali woman dress.

A traditional Himachali woman dress.

Kinnaur is another known community. What I found most unusual is the head-gear worn by women.

The unusual headwear is the main attraction of himachali women dress.

The unusual headwear is the main attraction of Himachali women dress.

I was thinking how these women see when such heavy jewelry is right in front of their eyes!!! They also wear woolen clothes and wrap a woolen shawl around themselves which is called dohru. They prefer dark colors for Dohru. Choli is the full sleeved blouse and has beautiful embroidery adorning them.

Gujjars is the semi-nomadic tribes and they look after goats, sheep, and buffaloes. They migrate to the upper parts of Himalayas and during summer and return back when the weather becomes cold. They sell milk, ghee, and other dairy products for a living.

A beautiful Himachali woman dressed from top to bottom in traditional clothes.

A beautiful Himachali woman dressed from top to bottom in traditional clothes.

Isn’t she a beauty!! This is what a typical Gujjar woman wears. Men clothes are bit Mughal style. The way they tie their turban is a bit like that.

The clothes of Himachali men are inspired by mughals and persians.

The clothes of Himachali men are inspired by Mughals and Persians.


They speak many languages like pahari, dogri, Kashmiri, Urdu, and Hindi.

Some other authentic items are Himachali Topi, Motifs used in shawls, Pattoo worn by women in Kullu and of course Pashmina Shawl which is famous all over the world and a must have in every fashionista’s wardrobe. Shivaratri fair, Shoolini Mela, Naina Devi fair are some of the famous fairs organized with much pomp and show in Himachal Pradesh. The cuisine is not much different from what rest of the North India eats but they have special items like  Bal Mithai ( I love that stuff), Chouck, Pateer, Madira and many more…

But Genex might not agree with this after all we are the Levi lovers. These costumes are slowly fading away and are getting replaced by the tight-fitting, strapless tops, one-pieces and other western stuff. So this was all about Himachal Pradesh’s traditional costumes.

One can try to innovate and try to include the himachali style in daily looks.

All of us know that people of Himachal dress in a very unique way. Their costumes are

according to the freezing temperatures and we people live in two extreme weather conditions. So

can we incorporate some of their styles into our ward robe? I think, yes we can.

Flowing skirts are now in-thing these days and we can get their style on our skirts. I know we

girls love hot pants and denim shorts but why don’t give a little twist to our wardrobe. Some

nice, printed skirts with three fourth sleeved short tops can be interesting. Common Girls!! Give

your shorts a much-deserved break!!

During winters, get one nice and colorful Pashmina shawl. It is trendy and will also keep you

warm during the bone-chilling winter. It is stylish and definitely an attention-seeker. There are

options for boys. They can get that unique Himachali topis. They look good because I have

seen guys wearing them on my campus and I must say they are head turners. I have an eye for

something which looks good: P

So this was all about fashion in Himachal Pradesh.




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