Punjabi men and women dressed in traditional attire.

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Fashion in Punjab

7 Aug , 2015  


Punjab, the storehouse of culture!

Punjab is one of the most culturally rich states in India. Punjabis are known for their connection to Mother Nature and that can be seen in whatever they do, be it celebrating a festival or dressing up for some occasion. Punjab has come a long way when it comes to dressing, from a state where both sexes use to wear tops reaching knees with scarfs and dhoti to a place where people are seen wearing NIKE air max with Armani jeans. The people of Punjab have beautifully retained the stunning traditional and cultural dress.

Punjab’s rich and vibrant culture is seen in their dresses as well. It is a beautiful combination of Eastern and Western dresses along with beautiful traditional jewellery. Both men and women wear different types of dresses on different occasions.


One of the oldest types of dresses still found in Punjab is Suthan. The first Suthan came into existence during the Mauryan Empire and one can easily find people flaunting Suthan in Punjab.

Nawab of Bahawalpur wearing Suthan.

Nawab of Bahawalpur wearing Suthan.


By far the most common and elegant piece of dress is the Kurta. Traces of people wearing kurta can be dated back to the 11th century. Kurta has travelled a long way in Punjab from being worn with dhotis to now being worn with jeans and trousers. Different types of kurtas like Multani, Phulkari, Bandhani, Muktasari etc. can also be found in Punjab.

A man and woman dressed in kurta.

A man and woman dressed in kurta.

Punjabi Suit:

Punjabi suit is the traditional dress of Punjabi women. It is very famous in the subcontinent and is even worn by people from Maharashtra and Sindh region. Punjabi suit is one dress which defines Punjabi women. Though it is the traditional dress of women, men can also be seen flaunting it quite often.

A punjabi man wearing punjabi suit.

A Punjabi man wearing Punjabi suit.

Punjabi girls flaunting punjabi suit

Punjabi girls flaunting Punjabi suit


Chola is the religious dress of Punjab. If you visit a gurudwara you will find a lot of people wearing Chola. The same dress in Himachal is known as Dora.

Cholas is the religious dress of punjabi men.

Cholas is the religious dress of Punjabi men.

Punjabi ghagra:

The Punjabi ghagra was the traditional apparel for women before the advent of the Punjabi suit. It is still worn in parts of the Punjab region and the outfit comprises of the head scarf, kurta/kurti, suthan/salwar and the ghagra.

Statues of women in punjabi ghagra.

Statues of women in punjabi ghagra.

Punjabi Jutti:

The world-famous Punjabi jutti is the traditional footwear of Punjabi people. Juttis can be paired up with jeans, kurtas, dhoti etc and it looks elegant with each and everything.

Jhutti is the traditional footwear of punjab.

Jutti is the traditional footwear of Punjab.

Things like churidar, phulkari, jama, angarkha are also found in Punjab. People of Punjab are attached to their culture and never miss an opportunity to wear and exhibit clothes.


The real identity of Punjabi Men is Turban. Men traditionally wear the turban. In the past, large turbans were worn in Bahawalpur which could be up to 40 feet long. Now the turbans are shorter and available in various designs. This is the real fashion in Punjab.

A man wearing 2 metre long turban

A man wearing 2 metre long turban

The Modern Punjab:

People of Punjab have westernised themselves immensely and one can see them in glares, jeans, shorts, funky t-shirts with sports shoes/juttis etc. Punjab has adopted the western culture in their own way and has beautifully blended their tradition with the western tradition.

A mix of cultures. Jacket with turban.

A mix of cultures. Jacket with a turban.

Well, there is a saying, what Punjabis do becomes a trend and, what Punjabis wear becomes a style!



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