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Fashion in Uttarakhand

5 Jul , 2016  


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Uttarakhand is one of the most popular tourist spots among both college lads and elders. Due to presence of various traditions, religions and tribes in the region, Uttarakhand attracts the attention of tourists both from Indians and foreigners alike. There are many Bengali, Punjabi, Tibetan and Nepali tribes prominent in the area, who have settled in Uttarakhand. The two main communities are the Kumaoni and the Gharwalis.


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Speaking of fashion, mostly woolen clothes are worn in the state as the place is chilling throughout the year. Women wear ghaghras and cholis along with Odhinis. Both the Kumaoni and Gharwali women wear this traditional dress. Pichora and Rangwali are the special type of textiles in the areas. Families have been in the textile business for decades. 

uttrakhand traditional dress fshion

uttrakhand fashion dress

Hansuli is the main ornament which is made by silver or gold and is adorned by most women. People wear Sarong with blouse. Sarong is a tight fitted dress draped around the body in a unique manner. 

Traditional Costumes of Uttarakhand for Men and Women

Traditional Costumes of Uttarakhand for Men and Women

fashion in uttrakhand

Men wear dhoti or lungi kurta. Turban is also worn with dhoti kurta. Also, kurta pajamas are worn equally frequently.

Traditional Costumes of Uttarakhand for Men and Women


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