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19 Mar , 2017  


The most awaited fashion occurrence which every fashionista in Delhi is kooky about, recently started! “The Amazon India Fashion Week 2k17” showcased unique & singular style of their own. Many upcoming fashionistas, fashion bloggers, and all the fashion bigwigs get a platform to showcase their way of dressing.

Here’s one of the fashion diva’s – “Shivi Tandon from CuriousComponents”  for #AMAZONINDIAFASHIONWEEK


Image Source: Curious Components

The Day 3 Look!

Fashion wise, Shivi Tandon is a style icon for all the happening youngsters. Here in the picture, she has teamed-up the Mesh Dress from Top Shop with an oversized Jacket from Zara.
Her Boots from River Island stands out well when paired with Socks from Adidas. The look is completed by carrying a simple Backpack from Rara.


Image Source: Curious Components

The Day 4 Look!

On the day 4 look, she chose such a color blend that enhanced her sharp features and her glowing complexion.
For this look, she wore a Sweatshirt from Bangkok Flea Market, paired with Velvet Pants from Zara. To complete her day 4 look, she accessorized herself by wearing Heels from Forever 21, a Belt from Mango and a small Clutch Bag from Boutique Store USA.


Image Source: Curious Components

The Day 5 Look!

The Classy-Monochrome look!
A girl’s wardrobe is always incomplete without a dress in BLACK. She is wearing a plain White Shirt from Zara with a Forever 21 Skirt, teamed up with Heels from River Island and an exquisite black Bag again from Zara.

Check out Curious Components to take more style inspiration and comment below if you’d like to get styled by them.

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