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Why Free Stylist is what you need right now!

15 Feb , 2018  


What if we tell you that Ranbir Kapoor’s stylist would style you every morning. Yes, you heard that right.


The reason why Kakcho started was to solve a doubt that crosses our mind every morning I.e. What should I wear?

Each one of us confronts a confusion in deciding what to wear every. All of us have had endless failed shopping trips, we have missed our first lecture AHHHH Almost every day, but why? Because we don’t know what we need to wear every.

Things like :

  • What should I wear with the black jeans to college today – a white tee or red top, or should I wear a camisole with a shrug?????
  • Which dress should I wear to the party tonight?????
  • What shoes will look good with my brown tuxedo????
  • I wore this same combination at night out with my friends last time!!!! I don’t have enough clothes 🙁

We all have been through these situations, right? These are very common in our daily lives especially during the morning when we are already getting late and need to decide what to wear today without repeating the combination again and look beautiful/handsome at the same time.

So we are here to give solutions to all of these problems and make you look stunning with no wastage of time, energy and repetition of clothes again. (wink) We give you your own personal stylist for free, Yes you heard us right a personal stylist for free, no need to spend huge amounts just like your favourite stars to look good.

Services to be offered:

  • Daily recommendation on what to wear!
  • Weekly proposal on what to buy!
  • Daily grooming/makeup/hair tips to make sure you look sharp always
  • 24×7 availability of a stylist over chat

It’s a 15 days free service over  Whatsapp but before we begin please ‘sign upto help us know you better.

After you have filled up the form we will get back to you in no time.








Khushboo Malhotra

Khushboo Malhotra

Fashion stylist, blogger at Kakcho
Hi there, I am a fashion designer, stylist, and a blogger, fashion to me is putting my emotions and myself into art and presenting myself through that, want to get yourself style contact me kakcho app. Stay fun, Stay stylish
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