The first person to feature in our new section, "From school kids to college dudes"

From school kids to College dudes!!!

From School Kids to College dudes part 1!!!

25 Aug , 2015  


Each one of spent at least twelve years of a sheltered life in a school, especially those kids who studied in convent schools and when we step into the threshold of our college lives, we are handed with freedom more than we can digest!!! This brings about a huge transition in our personalities, Some change for good and some change..well..intelligent people need only a sign. Right??

So we are starting this series which shows the changes occurred in some people. The first part features EISHA HUSSAIN, a full-to-bindass girl!!!

From school kids to college dudes part 1

Eisha Hussain, one of the beautiful personalities i know!!! (From school kids to college dudes)

Eisha Hussain, a cheerful, intelligent and strong leader did her schooling from Somerville school in Vasundhra.  Her leadership skills and no-nonsense attitude was noticed by her teachers and they helped her to hone it to the perfection. She is a talent manager in AIESEC at just 18 which is no small feat!! Her success didn’t make her head swell with pride and that’s why humility is one of the best things about her other than her sexy figure.  She is no longer the cute girl from school, she is now the bold, fearless Eisha Hussain who speaks her mind without any inhibitions!!!

When I saw this picture, my jaws dropped to the ground level. From a cute school kid to sexy, bold college dude!!! Wow!!! Never lose this attitude Eisha!!! You just rocked it!!!

P.S : Eisha Hussain is currently pursuing English Honors from Jamia Millia Islamia. She knows hindi, Urdu, German, and English. She topped in the humanities stream in her school and one of my classmates-cum-good-friends as well!!


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