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Hair Don’ts To Avoid On Your Wedding Day

7 Jan , 2019  


Hair Dye

It is very tempting to give yourself your dream hair colour just before your wedding day. If you get it too early, your roots would grow out and if you get it last minute, you would not have enough time to decide if you like the colour or not. Hairstylists recommend visiting the salon at least a week before. Some stylists may overtone the hair to make up for the wash out leading up to the wedding day so you wake up with the desired shade. 

Hair Cut

Every bride wants healthy, freshly chopped hair for their wedding day. While this might seem to be a good idea, it’s not. We usually tend to miss our hair as soon as we get a haircut and you don’t want to look disappointed on your big day. Also, newly chopped hair are healthy and hard to style. The silkiness of your can make it hard to make it stay in place.  It is recommended to cut your hair 4 weeks before the wedding day. 

Styling Tools

Stay away from hot tools for a couple of months before the big day if you use styling tools too often. You wouldn’t want damaged, frizzy hair on your big day. Always use a hair protectant and put on a hair mask the night before to have healthy and shiny hair on your special day. You could also get a gloss treatment for your hair at the salon. 

Back Up

Hairstylists can leave you hanging even if you’ve booked them months ago. While your friends and family can help you with the last minute hairdo, it’s necessary to keep bobby pins, comb, hairspray and hair ties in your emergency bag.


It’s your wedding day and it’s stressful because you want everything to be perfect. Keep calm and be patient for some mishaps that are bound to happen. Start early so you have the time to tackle any issues that might pop up and try to keep the atmosphere friendly. 


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