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17 Jan , 2018  



A hairstyle is one of the most prominent and noticeable features of your beauty, your hairstyle itself doesn’t make you look beautiful but it definitely adds to your beauty. A bad hair day is a bad day, a bad hairstyle makes you come off as a lazy and under-confident person. A good hair day makes you feel confident and beautiful. It is very important to pick the right haircut, hairstyle and hair color according to your face cut. A good hairstyle can make or break your look.

If you want to follow the best hairstyle trends to nail your new year, then this is the right platform for you to get all the trending styles at once that you have been looking for.

1.  Diffused Curls

One of the most evergreen hair-do for girls to brighten up their look. You can give yourself this look with your casual outfits as well as with some shiny dazzling dresses. You can easily get the look by firstly using a wide toothed comb, untangle all the knots from your wet hair , then start using the curl blow dryer to set your hair , curling it according to your look and lastly applying a serum to give a shiny smooth look and also to avoid frizzy hair.

2.  Twisted Bun

We have seen some amazing bun hairstyles in 2017 as well, its the easiest way, the classiest of all to give an elegant look to yourself.  Buns are basic, but there are always days when you don’t want to wash or do your hair so a bun is a life saver at this situation. You can embrace this twisted bun look on beautiful gowns or heavy wedding dresses as well.

3. Half Bun

The most trending style up with all college girls. One of the best styles for a normal casual college day to get your best casual look. You can easily make  this bun by twisting half upper part of the hair in a back small bun and leaving rest of the hair open. We have seen this look at the red carpet or at parties as well in 2017.

4.  Twisted Ropes


Tying your hair strands like rope from both the sides give you a really cute look. Try it out with a cute summer dress pairing it up with sneakers and you are ready to go for an outing.

5.  Natural Wavy Look

To get yourself the wavy beach look, you just need to make your hair a little wet, divide your hair into two parts and then braid the wet hair and sleep. You will get the wavy look in the morning.

Note: to make your hair wet equally in a right proportion, do use a spray bottle.

6.  Low Messy Bun

The easiest hair do you can afford when you are running late for work or college. To get this look just style up your hair from the front as you want it to be and then tie a knot at the back to give a messy look.

7.  Curled Edges

Just for a change in some look for your work, you can try out this hairdo. You can easily get this look, you just need to curl the ends of your wet hair while drying it. All you need is a round brush and 10 minutes to get this look.

8.  Messy ponytail

Its incredibly easy to be messy, and to do this hair game you need to bring your hair down middle, do a bit of backcombing, pull out two-three strands from the sides and give yourself the look from front you want to give, maybe flat middle parting or puffed upsides or just like that , anything that suits you the most.

9.  The Fishtail Braid

A beautiful hairdo to go with an Indian outfit, and it looks very beautiful on long hair. You can also accessorize the braid with beads or any beautiful accessory. Keep it simple and beautiful.

10.  Multi-braid Ponytail

The most basic yet the best of all. To be on point of this hair game, pick up a section of your hair from one side, braid it and make it stable by tying it with an elastic band. Then do the same on the other side as well. If you need more braids, you may keep doing it else you can move ahead to the next step. Then take all your hair middle down along with braids and then tie them up altogether. Then remove the bands from your braids and then open them from where you tied the ponytail to the end.

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