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Here’s How To Groom Your Brows: For Men

9 Jan , 2019  


Men’s eyebrows are bushier and thicker than men’s brows but the good news is that fuller brows are in! But that doesn’t mean that they have to look shabby, you still need to maintain them to avoid the unruliness.
Here’s a little guide on how to groom them at home:

Brush Them Upwards

Brush your eyebrow hair in the upward direction. Use a mustache comb or a spoolie brush to do so. 

Chop the Long Ones

Trim the hair that line up out of your brow’s shape when brushed upwards. Try to keep a uniform shape and not trim too much. 


If you have a lot of volume in your brows, use a trimmer to take out some volume and give them a balanced-out look throughout. 

Clean Up

The first thing to look after is your unibrow. Get rid of that and then move towards shaping your brows. Draw your desired eyebrow shape with a lip/eye liner from your girl’s makeup stash and remove the hair outside those lines. You could use a tweezer or a trimmer based on your preference. 

Finishing Touch

Apply a clear brow gel to keep them in place all day.

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