Happy Holi

Holi-day! Style yourself from your own wardrobe

1 Mar , 2018  


Here’s wishing you a fashion perfect Holi

Oh did we all forget or not realize what time is it? Caught in all the daily chaos, we really need to check our calendars and feel how it should be felt right now? Can we all not already smell gulaal and ghujia everywhere around. Of course we can and we should, cause it’s the Holi time of the year. Its time to paint everything around in vibrant colors, its time to open our wardrobes and pull out the old clothes that have been waiting for us to finally use them, its also time to quickly oil our hair and coat ourselves with Vaseline to protect ourselves from the holi war that goes on out on the streets in India. But is it like mandatory to not being able to look good on holi? I personally don’t believe so, its time to breakthrough the stereotypes and make old clothes look all new and dress up like a chic who is ready to fight along all the harsh chemicals coming along her way!

Time to open our wardrobes and pull out the old clothes that have been waiting for us to finally use them

Dark Blue Denims with a loose white top



Planning to just sip on some Bhaang and having a never- ending colorful session with your friends this Holi? If yes then this style is for you.

I am sure everyone owns a pair of dark blue jeans that they don’t wear that often but they still do not want to give up on them. Its time to take it out on Holi and pair it up with a basic white oversized top. In case you are scared that your denims might get ruined then you can also wear leggings or jeggings.

Accessorize with pretty indo western earrings and a pretty bangle to complete the look and you are done!


Care tip: Apply Vaseline before going out, as it will act like a protective covering against all the unwanted chemicals that are put into the colors. The Vaseline blocks all the open pores on the skin and does not let any chemical directly enter it. Also it will make it easy for you to remove the permanent colors from your skin.


All white



Decided to say no to water and go all dry this time? Is “DRY HOLI” what you prefer? Or are you planning to go on a sophisticated Holi lunch where you have to have to look good? Then go for an all white look.

Wear a white spaghetti with a white jeans or palazzo pants and to add some color to your attire wear your favorite colored earrings and some bangles.

If you still think that this looks pretty simple, then wear your reflectors and step out chic style.


Care tip: No one wants to have permanently purple/pink colored nails for a week or two after Holi. So don’t forget to put a coat of transparent nail polish so that your nails don’t get automatically colored later on.


The Desi girl



Meeting all the uncles and aunties and munching on some pakodas and chai this Holi? Then we got you an ethnic look for this family affair.

Pair a long white chickenkari kurta with any colored palazzos. We chose orange because it makes the outfit looks bright. To make the look little fancy wear some Indian earrings and few bangles in your hand. And you are all set to go.


Care tip: Coconut oil is a savior on Holi. Put a handful of oil in your hair and you can also apply it on your skin, coconut oil is any day a big yes for any type of skin. 


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Photography by : Krittika Manocha

Model : Udita Grover

Wardrobe Courtesy : Myntra and Zara


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