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How Fashion repeats itself

24 Mar , 2017  


These comparisons prove that fashion never dies

Fashion is everything. How fashion made a comeback?  History repeats itself and so does the fashion! Vintage fashion doesn’t mean we have to wear old clothes. The change of old clothes to new clothes is always superb. Fashion is something we deal it every day. Every two decades what’s old is new again. The fashion of 1960’s and 1980’s comeback in recent past and we can see that in Bollywood industry. So, here we show how fashion history has repeated itself in today’s generation.

  1. Winged Eyes- Eyes is a window to our life. We can design it in many ways but winged eyes are repeated recently and we have seen many of them are adopting the fashion trend.


  1. Short Wavy Hairdos- We see the trend of short wavy hair often but this trend was old back. Actresses like Mumtaaz who dared to experiment with this new style and we are adopting it now.


  1. Red Bold Lips- we might think red bold lipstick is a trend of 2016 but my dear ladies this is a way old trend of applying red lipstick during the time of actresses like Madhubala and all.



  1. Thick Eyebrows- Eyebrows defines a beauty of women face. The trend of thin eyebrow has gone and now a day’s many wishes to have thick eyebrows but this fashion is way back of 80’s which becomes a trend.


  1. Jumpsuit- we have seen many Bollywood actresses wearing the jumpsuit but do you know this style was tried in 1970’s as well.



  1. High Waist Jeans-Trend of high waist jeans started back in 80’s and 90’s. But, this style is repeated and many love to wear it now and kick off their low rise jeans.


  1. Crop Tops- It seems many girls love to wear crop tops but this trend existed late 80’s and 90’s.5_1446548639
  2. Palazzo- Now a days we can see many wearing palazzos but actresses like Zeenat Aman started this fashion.1_1446548636


  1. High neck blouses- High neck blouse is on trend now days but before it was backless blouses. In old times most of the actresses wore high neck so ladies high neck is back


  1. Anarkalis- The costume of Mughal courtesan was epitomized in Bollywood movies. Earlier the bold and trendy style was designed to look admirable. Latest patterns with velvet borders, zari buttis, lace etc adds a new trend in today’s Anarkali.



We might have seen old wedding pictures of our mom wearing Jhumkas on her wedding the trend of jewelry are repeated. Be it dress, block heels, makeup or hairdos every fashion is repeated. Everything comes back and the trends of youth cycle back into fashion a few times.

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