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14 May , 2015  


So if you consider Sonam Kapoor a fashionista or Paris Hilton one, then you need to give that one more thought.

No debate on the point that these people look uber cool and phenomenally beautiful whenever they step out but there is a lot of thinking and work is done before they wear their outfits, which bag to carry, what shoes, what accessories, it could take days to get that perfect look. For instance

Rhea Kapoor who is also Sonam Kapoor’s sister is the person behind Sonam’s breathtaking looks, well most of the time, other times there are other stylists such as Tanya Ghavri et al.

Source: Rhea Kapoor's Instagram handle.

Source: Rhea Kapoor’s Instagram handle.

So next time if you spot her you should know it’s not her, it’s her stylist which makes you awe and fills you with admiration for her.

We all know Kim Kardashian West is rocking the fashion world right now. In case you missed her MET GALA 2015 look.




but before that way back she was a stylist to stars like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. ( Did you know that seriously?)

So next question, How will KAKCHO be of use to you?

A Fashion Designer is a person who designs costumes and a Fashion Stylist is the one who assembles the look and decides what you should wear form tip to toe. So we through this app will help you decide what,when,how and where to wear. Keep following us to know when we are hitting the play store. Simply sign up and lay back.


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