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How Often Should You Wash Your Bra?

9 Jan , 2019  


There are two types of women with bras. The ones that sniff-check and toss it back in the drawer for the next day and the other ones who wash it after each wear. 
There some things that you should keep in mind when washing your bra:

Read The Care Label

Most of the bras should be wash by hands in a sink instead of a washing machine. If you still choose to do so, go for the most delicate setting. 

Let Your Bras Air-dry

If you wear cupped bras, the dryer won’t do them any good. It could mess up the shape or the position of the cups and the twisting and turning in the dryer is too harsh for undies anyway. 

Wash After 3-4 Wears

Overwashing your bra damages the elasticity of it affecting the sole purpose of wearing a bra, i.e., supporting your dollies. If you wear underwire bras, they would take the revenge of over-washing by stabbing you later at work. Wash your bra after a few wears but it is dependent on your activity level as well. If it’s a sports bra that you wear for your gym and exercise needs to be washed after every use.

Storage and Care

Don’t stuff your cups one inside the other, you would end up ruining the shape and the padding. Fold them and line them up like you see them in the store. 

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