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28 Dec , 2017  



Fur is one of the oldest forms of clothing and is warm and comfortable to wear. It is worn in mild and cool climates around the world due to its superior warmth and durability. Fur also associates with glamour and lavish spending. There aren’t many redeeming factors about living through really cold weather fashion-wise, but it is the only time during the year that you can wear fur. So just have fun with it and feel good wearing it. Men don’t feel left out thinking only women can rock these fancy furs. You can wear fur with just about anything to give your outfit an instant upgrade. Invest in a good fur coat, a fur vest, fur scarf, fur slip on, fur parka.


All men can wear parkas. From the youngest to the oldest everyone should wear parkas. The parkas that you can wear this season are fur-lined parkas, long parkas, side pockets parkas, hooded parkas, military green parkas and huge fur lined hood parkas. Superdry, Pull & Bear, Guess, H&M, Brave Soul, Asos, Joe Fresh, Yves Salomon, boohoo, Michael Kors are some places you can buy parkas from. You can wear parkas with anything. It blends well whether you wear it over a suit, a sweater, a hoodie or a shirt. So you cannot go wrong with it. There is no specific place or occasion to wear a parka. You can wear it anywhere. From parties to offices to mountain trips to casual weekends to dates you can wear it everywhere.




Ways to wear a parka jacket:

1.  Choose the color of your parka depending on what kind of clothes you wear. If are wearing lighter colors then wear a lighter toned parka.

2.  Incorporate color into your outfit when you are wearing a  parka.

The parka is an investment piece so it can be worn year in year out so choose wisely.


From Parisian runways to college campuses to parent-teacher conferences you can wear fur coats everywhere. Traditional full-length fur coats in white, brown or black will forever remain a stylish choice. Celebrities like Kanye West and Justin Bieber are always seen wearing fur coats. If you have to attend a black tie event or gala you can always wear fur coats as events like these are perfect to showcase that beautiful fur hanging in your closet. Long fur coats are dramatic and make a bold statement. For a night out with friends, cocktail parties and casual events fur coats are a blessing. For such events select a knee length or torso length fur coat. Leave the extra fuzzy coat at home and opt for a fur coat that is slimming on you.





There is the dozen of ways to style fur vests into your everyday wardrobe. For a llaid-back autumn look wear a plaid button down shirt with a fur vest and your favorite pair of boots. For a chilly spring day pair a fur vest with a crisp white shirt and blue jeans for added texture. At events where you want to look cool and stay comfortable pair your vest with a graphic t-shirt and sneakers.






Fur scarves for men need not be expensive and it is actually quite affordable when you buy them from an Italian maker. Five ways to wear fur scarves for men are:

  1. Pick a polecat fur scarf or a possum fur scarf and let both ends dangle in the front. This gives you a laid-back, casual look.
  2. For a stylish look go for a sumptuous sable fur scarf. Loop it around your shoulders with the ends to the front.

  3. Carry the scarf on one shoulder the ends hanging at the front and back.

  4. For a casual appearance wearing a possum fur scarf. Loop one end to the back and one end to the front.




To say that the Gucci loafer slides are one of the best designer shoes made this year would be a total understatement. Also, many designers have been coming up with their own versions of the loafer slide at all different price points. Not just loafers but even normal slip on have fur.  Celebs such as Scott Disick and Ranbir Kapoor have been seen wearing these on numerous occasions. Here’s why everyone loves them:

1.  They are extremely comfortable.

  1. They are super convenient. You can literally slide your feet into them as you walk out of the door.
  2. They go with everything. You can wear them with anything. You can wear them at black tie events as well as casual events.

  3. They make an outfit look more put together.



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