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How To Choose Shirt Collars Based On Your Face Shape

29 Jan , 2019  


Round Shaped Face

If you have a round shaped face, narrow collars will help elongate your face shape making it look longer and more balanced. Avoid medium or wide spread collars. 

Square Shaped Face

Square faces have a stronger jawline and look best with traditional point collars, narrow-point collars and tab collars. Avoid spread collars, they will make your jaw look more prominent and wider. 

Diamond Shaped Face

Diamond faces have a narrow, pointed chin. Opt for spread collars, they will give your face a fuller appearance. Avoid narrow and tab collars.

Oblong Shaped Face

Oblong faces have a weaker jaw. Since your jaw is in the shape of a ‘U’, go for spread collars which will make your jaw look more prominent. Avoid tab and narrow-point collars.

Oval Shaped Face

Almost all types of collars look good with an oval shaped face. You can go from any spread collars to narrow-point collars. 

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