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How To Deal With Body Shamming 101

21 Nov , 2017  



There may be several instances in your life when you’re told that you’re too skinny, or too fat or too dark. People pass judgment without understanding the kind of negativity they are throwing at you. Body shaming is a topic that is very rarely spoken of and many people knowingly or unknowingly end up doing it. When you make comments about someone’s body, you’re doing major harm to their self-esteem and self-confidence. There is nothing right about making someone uncomfortable about their own body.  Don’t make someone conscious of themselves. Everyone is unique in their own way and it’s the inner beauty of the person that matters the most. There are a few ways to deal with this shaming.

First Rule

Never be on the giving end of it. Never give up, never think of quitting because quitting is never a solution to anything.

Second Rule

Acquiring the skill to not let the negativity get to you. People may tell you how your body should be and these people; you need to block out. They have no business telling you how to keep your body.  Remember, your body is your shrine and no one else should ever disrespect it.

Third Rule

As mentioned before, some people body shame because they don’t know what it is and how it affects people. So give them the benefit of the doubt and tell them what body shaming is and how it is not right for them to do it.

Fourth Rule

Defend yourselves and others. If you are being body shamed, or see others being body shamed, then you stand up. Be angry if you have to be because that is an acceptable response to being told that others get a say on how your body should be. Or of course, you can also be calm and deal with this situation in a witty manner. Choose whichever way you have to, but RESPOND. Do not take it quietly because change will only happen when people decide to speak up about this.

Fifth Rule

Love yourself. Do not let others change your opinion of you because it is the only one that matters. If you’re happy with yourself, then that’s all you’re ever going to need. So have a positive view of yourself and your body and you’ll be ready to deal with all the negativity thrown at you.


Hope these 101’s help you out. Remember, if you are your worst critic, then you’re your best one too. Don’t let body shaming turn you against you!

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