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How to dress for Hourglass body shape.

16 May , 2017  


Shapes embrace your femininity and take advantage of your curves, make peace with your hourglass shape and strut your stuff.

What is actually Hourglass Shape?

The hips and bust are almost of equal size with a narrow waist. Body fat distribution tends to be around both the upper body and lower body. This body type enlarges the arms, chest, hips, and rear before other parts, such as the waist and upper abdomen.

Hourglass shaped body is the most desirable body shape for women. Perfect balanced proportion and sexy curvaceous body are the two main reasons why many women and men lust over this hourglass shape.


How to Determine If you are an Hourglass?

You’re an hourglass when you have shoulders and hips approximately the same width and a defined waist that is at least 9” smaller than the shoulders or hips. The latter is the definitive guide to being an hourglass. Not all hourglass women are full busted. A flat or medium bust woman can be hourglass too. Also not only women who are curvy lands in the hourglass category, slim women too can be hourglass as long as they fit in the hourglass body shape measurement.

Tops & Shirts

An hourglass figure has a beautiful waist; make sure your tops show off this great asset. Tops, blouses and shirts should be fitted. They should nip in at the waist without adding bulk to your chest.  Also avoid bows or any other embellishments that would add a lot of volume to you top. Extra bulk on your chest will throw your proportions out of sync and extra bulk on your waist would hide your waist’s natural slimness.Wrap tops are great as they show your waist without adding extra volume to your chest. Opt for soft fabrics like jersey, silk, fine gabardine or cotton. Stretchy materials are great if you have a flat stomach. Stiff fabrics like linen and Thai silk will not be able to follow your body’s natural curves and thus make you appear heavier. Lightly body-hugging sweaters in fine knits are great for hourglass silhouettes.

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Sleeve styles

Your clothes should follow your natural curve, so go for set-in sleeves. They are perfect for your sloping shoulders. Shoulder seams should be precisely at the joint where the arm attaches.

You can dress in short sleeves to sleeves above the elbow. For long sleeves opt for fitted ones or flowing bishop sleeves. If you want to show some of your femininity, ensure that the sleeves do not cover the complete curve of the wrist.Hourglass figures can wear small shoulder pads, but should avoid large ones.With a sleeveless look you can show off your beautiful rounded shoulders.


Necklines that are slightly rounded look great on you as higher neckline, the oval, deep oval, rounded or jewel neckline. You can also wear V-necks, sweethearts and scoop necks. Avoid wide necklines like square and boat necks as well as high necklines and turtlenecks if you are busty; they will make you look top heavy.

Light ruffles are great for an hourglass figure. You can only wear big ruffles if you are small breasted, otherwise they would add too much volume. Classic lapels are great, as are Chelsea and portrait collar.


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Say yes, to the dresses!

Your best bet are dresses that draw the focus to your waist without adding extra volume to your bust. Wrap dresses do just that. Tailored sheaths, tank dresses, wrap, bias and strapless women are cute on hourglass shaped women. Wear fitted dress that elongates the waist. If you want to appear more curvaceous, add volume both to bust and hip through ruffles, embellishments or pockets. If you want to downplay your curves, look for a dress in dark colors or vertical stripes.

Dresses like figure hugging, pencil dress, scoop-neck dress, mermaid dress, straight-legged dresses are some of the dresses which would help you to enhance you hourglass figure. Knits will conform to your bust and hip curves the best, but woven’s like poplin can work, too.

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Skirts for an hourglass figure

Skirts are best high-waist, low waist ones only add bulk to your lower half. You can dress in A-line, full circle, pencil, tulip and gored skirts in medium and long; knee length skirts will be your best bet though. These skirts hug your hips and hang off them naturally. Short straight skirts will look great under a top or jacket.


Best Jeans , Pants & shorts for the Hourglass Shape.

Grab your high-waisted, floor-grazing flares and your favorite dancing heels. Stretchy skinny jeans and leggings are perfect for showing off the curves of your hip and the taper of your leg, and work best when the inseam is regular .Fitted jumpsuits can look incredible on you. Just remember to go for waist flattering styles because your shape is so balanced, remember that you won’t need any extra details. Straight leg and boot-cut jeans will make a sporty look paired with a figure hugging shirt. Avoid pleats/darts in pants as your tummy curves tend to cause pleats to lay open. Also keep away from big voluminous pockets around your hip. You do not want to add extra volume here. Skip baggy pants, they are too bulky for your feminine curves. Avoid low-rise pants. They make your hips look wider and your legs look shorter.

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Don’t forget Accessories

Skinny waist belts are your best friend! Make sure belts follow the natural curve of your waistline. Small to medium size belts and soft belts are great for that. Be aware of wide belts, as they can make an hourglass body shape with a small torso look even smaller. Be careful with hip belts as they emphasize your bottom and might make it more voluminous. Necklaces look great on you, and if you’re looking to play up your bust, choose a length that hits at or slightly below your collarbone. Keep away from very angular necklaces and necklaces that hang too low and wide over your chest, especially if they hit just below the breast. Necklaces that reach your belly are fine.

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