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20 Apr , 2017  





Being fashionable simply means in what outfit you are comfortable. Be confident in what you wear. You might have found it very difficult to carry it off. We often complain about our traditional outfit to handle. The problem is not with girls but boys too complain sometimes. Today we will give you five essential tips how you can carry on with your outfits and rock the party be it farewell, wedding or any other.

1. High heels:

Girls love heels be it wedges, high heels, pump etc. Short girls love high heels but only they know the pain and wearing heels every day is quite a difficult job for them. So, to get rid of the pain we must tape our third and fourth toes together with nude medical tape for a low profile look. And just after taking it off stretch your feet, give a massage or you can also soak your feet for 5 to 10 minutes in warm water with salt. It will give you a soothing relieves to your feet.



2. Ear Rings

We girls are fond of long earrings and Jhumkas. But, sometimes it hurts our ears because it is way too heavy to carry the weight of an earring. I will suggest you to opt for lightweight earrings, tops etc.



3. Gowns:

Chiffon clothes are very light to handle and always get your gown stitched so that it is easy to carry off. Don’t opt for heavy embroidery one. You can also go for silk one or light weight net. Be it fancy dress competition, farewell or fresher’s day we girls prefer gown so that we will look like a princess on that special day.




4. Sherwani-Dupatta

Very rare guys wear Sherwanis on any traditional function, and dupattas or stole is a big question mark for them because it is very difficult to handle. Guys are always in casual and formal attire with their jeans and formal trousers. But, they hardly wear sherwanis and pajamas. So, you can wrap around your neck this is very simple one and side sweep. Silk dupatta tied to one side and leaving your arms and hands-free. But, remember to pleat it or pin it up. You can also refer to stitched onto sherwani or bandhgala as an option.


5. Lehenga-Cholis

Bridal Lehangas are very heavy to handle, pin it up to your dupatta so that you don’t have to hold it and be careful while walking because after all, it is your big day and you don’t want to fall and feel embarrassed in front of people. Girls who want to wear lehengas on their friend’s wedding always opt for lightweight because it will be difficult while dancing.



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