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How To Incorporate Corduroy In Your Winter Wardrobe

6 Dec , 2018  


Corduroy Jacket

A cord jacket is one of the easiest one to add to your wardrobe. You can get one in classic black, brown or beige colours or get a little stylish with reds and greens.


Corduroy Shirt

Replace your basic cotton shirt/t-shirt with a corduroy one. It won’t just keep you warm but also add character to your basic white shirt.


Corduroy Blazer

Cord blazers can work for both casual and formal settings. Pairing them with a roll-neck or turtleneck will give those 1970 vibes. You could also pair them with cord trousers.


Corduroy Trousers

Corduroy trousers work very well in formal and smart-casual settings. The availability of colours in corduroy fabric makes it versatile for various occasions.


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